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Hey Lovie!

I’m Nikki Nash.


I’m an online marketing expert, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and philanthropist.

A born and raised Jersey Girl on a mission for everyone on the planet to know create a life they’re MADLY in love with!

I left my six figure corporate life behind to help high achieving women build profitable online businesses doing what they love.

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Those who seem to be an overnight success have often put in years (if not decades) of work that went unnoticed.

[This site exists to let you know that we notice. And we’re here to help you share your genius with the world!]


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For My Entrepreneurs…

Your Road Map

To Six Figures

(and beyond)!

Throughout my entrepreneurship journey, I’ve made a ton of mistakes, saw crazy BIG wins, tested things I learned, and built a method to help entrepreneurs build profitable, scale-able, and sustainable six figure+ businesses.

On my journey to creating consistency in my business, I discovered that there were 5 key elements to getting off the financial roller coaster and onto a consistent growth train.

Those 5 elements are the 5 pillars of what I call The Genius Method™.

I’ve outlined these 5 pillars in a guide I call, 5 Must-Haves For Building A Six Figure Business

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