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Hi, I’m Nikki!


Former corporate badass turned success coach for high achieving women.

Growing up I had BIG dreams. I wanted to be an actress, write books, travel the world, and help give children around the world an amazing upbringing.

Somewhere along the line I lost my connection to the dream. Then I stopped believing in it.

I traded my BIG dream for a BIG paycheck.

At 26, I had an MBA and a six figure corporate salary. By 30, I had a resume and track record so many people viewed as incredible… big accounts at big time ad agencies, raises at special projects at Fortune 100 companies, head of marketing at a tech startup.

But, I wasn’t fulfilled. I wasn’t living the life of my dreams.

So I quit without a plan. And now I’m in the business of helping others turn

I’m in the business of helping women like you share your message with the world, build an abundance of wealth, and create a life you’re MADLY in love with!

By 2025, I am committed to helping 100,000 women build six figure+ businesses!


Introducing…The Market Your Genius Success System™

Your Roadmap To A Six Figure Plus Business!

Throughout my entrepreneurship journey, I’ve made a ton of mistakes, saw crazy BIG wins, tested things I learned, and built a method to help entrepreneurs build profitable, scalable, and sustainable six figure+ businesses.


When I started my business, I felt like I was running all over the place. I’d have a million ideas and I’d try to implement them all, AT THE SAME TIME…

That’s just one of the many things I did that were not serving me.

For a while, I lived on the financial roller coaster. $5k month here, $10k month there, $1.2k month here, $20k month there….

I kept feeling like I was making it BIG only to feel like a complete failure in the next moment.

I committed to getting off the financial rollercoaster. While I was creating consistency in my business, I discovered that there were 5 key elements to getting off the financial roller coaster and onto a consistent growth train.

Those 5 elements are the 5 pillars of the Market Your Genius Success System™. To learn more, click the button below to request the free guide!


HERE’S WHAT MY CLIENTS HAVE ACHIEVED Using the success system…

  • Filled Their First Life Event!

  • Signed 2 New Clients After First Session By Implementing Key Learnings

  • Signed 1st Client Into New Program Within A Week

  • Highest Engagement They’ve Ever Seen On Their Content

  • No Longer Overwhelmed By Marketing

  • First $10k Month!

  • First $11.5k Week

  • Consecutive $12k Moths

  • Launched Their First Online Course

  • And More…


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