How To Create A Sweet Content Strategy That Surges Your Revenue!

Want to create your sweet sweet content strategy? 

You have committed! You've decided that creating content for your business is quite possibly the best idea EVER!

And now you're thinking - what the heck am I supposed to do? 

I totally get it. 

The good news is that creating a sweet content strategy doesn't need to be super complicated or challenging. 

Here's how to begin.


As Stephen Covey says in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - begin with the end in mind! That's right - you start with your end goal. 

All content should have an intention and the best way to create a content strategy that's going to generate results for your business and surge your revenue, you need to figure out what your big goal is in the first place.

So what is your business goal? Have more than one - list your top 3. 

You have to know where you're going before you figure out how you're going to get there. 


Who do you want to read your content? The final decision maker? The person paying the bill? Get really clear on who you want to expose to your content. Said another way, who is your ideal reader? 

Maybe your product is for kids, but the parents are the ones that will be reading the content and making buying decisions. Or maybe you want to create content for influencers because they are going to be the ones referring you business.

It doesn't matter if your ideal reader is your actual end user or not. What does matter, is that you've thought about who it is you want to consume your content and why. Because you're going to need to create every piece of content for them. 


Once you're clear on who your ideal reader is, you have to give them content that want where they are spending their time. Are they always on Instagram? Facebook? 

Do they want to be entertained? Do they want to learn new things? Do they want to be inspired? Do they need motivation? 

How do they want that content? Do they prefer videos? Infographics? Long-form content? Short form content? All of the above?


It's great if your ideal reader spends their time on Snapchat, Instagram, and and you know it. But that doesn't mean you have to be on in all of those places too. You should be in a place that's on brand for your business.

If you want a mentorship relationship with your dream clients, maybe they don't want you on Snapchat (or maybe they do but you need to get clear on that). Or maybe being on Instagram is sooooo not on brand for you, but is. Well, then if your ideal reader is on then be there and connect with them. 

Nothing is worse than seeing a brand trying to be something they're not because they think it's the cool thing to do, or what they have to do in order to sign clients.

So like dating, be where your ideal mate would be - but where it would also be natural for you to be. You may not want to find your mate at a golf course if you don't like golf and look completely out of sort there, just staring. Instead, go to the restaurant they would go to afterwards casually drinking your favorite beverage.   


For a content strategy that works for your business, you want to be where your ideal reader is, with a message that attracts them and is relevant to your brand, with a call to action (or more likely - many calls to actions) that makes sense for your business goals and objectives. 

This could look something like this:

  1. Be on Facebook with a Post that attracts your idea reader. 
  2. Invite them to sign up for a freebie that get's them on your list.
  3. Then invite them to your Facebook Group.
  4. Then give them more great content.
  5. Then invite them to a webinar.
  6. Then invite them to buy something.

It doesn't need to be super complicated. It just need to be intentional. 

So take some time.

  1. Think about what your goals are and what you really want to accomplish.
  2. Then go through the six steps and fill in the details for yourself.
  3. Determine where should you be spending your time, who should you be attracting, what content would get their attention, and once you have their attention, what are you going to do with it. 

Then go out there an put your strategy into action!

Here's What's Missing From Your Content Strategy!


When I speak to new and early stage coaches about content creation I can see the overwhelm and frustration takeover their facial reactions. 

I've spoken with enough badass entrepreneurs to know that the mention of Facebook Lives, blog posts, emails, and just about any social media channel can send even established coaches into a tailspin. 

The First Step To Creating Amazing Content Is Establishing Your Business Goals!

This is the step that most people forgot to really map out before they get started with content. Yes, you can create content to "nurture your tribe" but there are a number of ways you can use content to grow your business.

In this video below, I share how you can use content to reach your business goals.  

What are your business goals for the next 90 days? Comment below!

How I Signed My First Client

TEMPLATE- Pinterest (17).png
I remember when I signed my first client as if it were yesterday.

I was on the phone with someone who I didn't know was a potential client at the time. In fact, I was asked to hop on the phone with her to talk about a completely different topic.

As the conversation transitioned, my first client - let's call her Jane - started talking to me about her online biz idea. Next thing I know I'm talking to her about how I can support her get there.

Something you should know is that a few days before I sat down and figured out my signature package. I had written down all of the benefits of working with me, the pricing in full and the payment plan. I had typed it up and printed it so that I can look at it later an make any changes. It was as if the Universe knew this phone conversation would take place. Now back to the phone conversation...

Once I realized that I could really help this potential client, I grabbed my signature package print out and read some of the benefits of working with me.

Within minutes we were talking pricing, the special bonus I made up on the fly for signing up with me that week and two days later the money was in my account.

I'm sharing this with you because my first clients came from my own network. People I met in other careers, referrals from friends, and so much more.

If you truly desire to sign your next client, the next person into your group program, onto your membership site, etc. Know that your early sign ups may not come from the online world. They may come from your current network. So don't hesitate to tell EVERYONE who is an ideal client what it is that you do and how you can help them.

Yes I recommend you are still visible online. But it could take someone who doesn't know you well 2 - 3 months before they're willing to invest. Even if that investment doesn't seem like a lot of money to you.

Here are some ideas for signing your first client this month!

  • Email everyone you know and let them know you've started your online business. In the email, let them know who your ideal client is, how you can help them, and how they can help you (ie. connect you with leads, have people sign up for free coaching calls, etc.)
  • Look up local events for entrepreneurs, while there - practice speaking about your business, who your ideal client is, and what the benefits of working with you are. 
  • Call people you're very close with, tell them about your business, and ask them if there is anyone they know who would be your ideal client.
  • Post on your Facebook Page about your new business, who your ideal client is and ask for referrals.
  • Update your LinkedIn Profile so that people are alerted to your new venture.
  • Message people on LinkedIn who you feel may be able to connect you with your ideal client. 
  • Do a Facebook Live about your business, who your ideal client is and how people can learn more.
  • Offer free coaching calls or strategy calls to people who are your ideal client and then ask them for referrals afterwards. 

Remember, when you're getting started - an ideal client is an ideal client. It doesn't matter if they come to you via online or offline marketing tactics at first. You don't have to neglect the "in person" world to grow your online business. You've SOOOO got this!!!