How To Protect Your Energy As A New Coach

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There are many things I wish I knew before I started my own business.

But what I wish someone told me on day one was "Be protective of your time and energy." 

When you have your own business, it feels like there are a billion things you need to do. And to be honest, I tried to do all of them. And I tried to do all of them by myself.

I wasted so much time and energy trying to get things right and trying to do it all by myself. 

If someone wanted to chat with me and it sounded like there was a small chance it could result in a business lead, I said yes.
I was running around trying to do ALL THE THINGS.
I was exhausted
and I was busy
and it didn't serve me.

And trust me, that kind of busy is not sexy. 

After having a day where I had a 6 AM photoshoot, then ran to a mastermind day with my coach and other badass entrepreneurs, then running to a night training program that I signed up for, I realized that I was running around like a chicken with their head cut off.
And did my business see results at that time??

No. It certainly did not.

So I said enough is enough and I started setting "rules" for my calendar.

  • It's now a non-negotiable for me that I do NOT take meetings before 10:00 am.
  • I only meet with clients on specific days, unless it's a group program.
  • I have a day to work on my business stats, which includes finances.
  • I schedule a time when I speak with my staff and hold team meetings.
  • I have time to prepare for sessions with my coach and for my mastermind sessions.
  • I even block off time to spend with my friends and family or for treating myself!

I calendar all of this and leave wiggle room for putting out any fires or important last minute meetings. This method has saved me from ever feeling like "there's not enough time" in a week to reach all of my goals.

And trust me, being a badass entrepreneur who manages her time and schedule is sexy.

 So if no one has told you this before...
be protective of your time!
Make your calendar your best friend!
And everything doesn't need to be done today! 


There's a lot more that I wish I knew before I got started.

Maybe you are experiencing a little bit of that feeling yourself! 

So let's chat about! Sign up for a coffee date with me and we can work through some of your hesitations as you get started in your own business. 



Why I Know You Have What Your Dream Clients Want

I freaking love writing and creating content.

I was a Journalism major in college and spent a lot of time journaling as a kid. 
I occasionally write poems. 
I’m working on a book.
Writing is just something I enjoy. 

But when I started writing for my business - I couldn't do it. 
The idea of writing content paralyzed me.
Even with coaching others on content creation, I still couldn't bring myself to actually write anything of my own. 

And it was because I was scared shitless.

I was scared of what people would think. 
Is this post good enough?
Is anyone even going to read it?
Will this even help my business?

It wasn’t until I woke up one day and realized I care waaaayyyyy more about helping women grow their business than I do about my own insecurities that I stopped encouraging the negative thoughts in my head. 

The reality is that some people will like what I write and some people won’t.
And I was spending so much time thinking about the people that won't like what I write than I was focusing on the people I really wanted to support.

People like you. 

The reality is that creating content makes a difference in your dream client's life and in your own business.

You don’t need to have a PhD or be the best of the best in your field to contribute to your target audience’s lives. You know more about the topic you’re speaking about than your target audience. If you didn’t they wouldn’t follow you! 

So take a moment and remember what it was like when you were where your dream client is today. Jot down what tips, tricks, advice, etc. would have been of value to you back then. Then share it! 





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Why you're not signing new clients


I had a conversation recently about what it takes to bring on new clients.

It wasn't the first time I've had such a conversation and it won't be the last.


Because for many of us, we are trained to believe that bringing on new clients is hard,
that it takes a lot of work,
and that you need a bigger list, or a Facebook Group or YouTube channel to bring on new clients.

The truth is - most people are not bringing in new clients because they are not focusing their actions on bringing in new clients.

Now you may be screaming I'm wrong at this point. And I totally get it.
I've been there.

I remember when I first started my business how hard I worked and still no new clients came in.

I also remember signing my first client,
and the second client
who both came in the same week!

And when I tell you I was basically on vacation that week, I'm not even joking.

With one client, I hopped on the phone quickly to discuss their business and after about two minutes I said, "I don't normally do this, but everything you going through? I've been there and I've built a business to support women just like you so that you can build a business you love without spinning in circles."

Now I had been doing free content strategy sessions, discovery calls, coaching sessions for months and had 0 clients. 

I spent 20 minutes on the phone with this potential client,
said I could support her,
told her about my business and BAM-- 

she said she wanted to work with me.

Want to know what made this call so different from any of my others?

I invited someone to work with me. 

And how was I able to do that?
I trusted the Universe that my ideal clients would come to me. 
I did my mindset work everyday,
I did my free content regularly (Facebook Lives, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, etc.)
and I practiced sales conversations.

Fast forward 3 days later and I had another discovery call where a person said yes to working with me and signed up.

That was a 100% success rate with my discovery calls that week!
And what I learned that week early in my coaching business still holds true for my business today:
When I do my mindset routine consistently,
take inspired actions,
and ask people to work with me,
I sign new clients.

So if you're not bringing in new clients, ask yourself, have you been doing your mindset work? 
Have you been taking inspired ACTIONS to bring on new clients?
Have you been inviting people to work with you?

If you can honestly tell me that you've been spending months focusing 90 - 100% of your business actions on mindset, having conversations with potential clients, and inviting them to work with you and you're still not bringing on new clients, we may need to revisit who your ideal client is, your services, and your packaging.

But I would assert that while you are working your butt off in your business, you may be spending more time trying to figure out
if you should do a group program,
launch an online course,
watching videos to learn something new,
reading the emails (like this one) you've signed up for,
marketing your business than inviting people to get to know you via a free consultation,
or call and then inviting them to buy a package.

Trust me - there's nothing wrong with doing any of these things.
I do many of these things still today.

But if you want a new result, taking new actions is required.
And ask yourself: If you could be completely focused on signing on and contributing to new amazing clients that you love, what would that be like for you?
How would you get to experience yourself and your business? 

So I invite you to spend time today on your mindset routine.
Read a wealth consciousness book,
listen to a guided meditation,
go to the gym,
a yoga class
or all of the above.
Then reach out to people who fit your dream client profile and invite them to have a free conversation with you.

At the end of it, ask them how the session was for them and if they'd like to have a further conversation about working together.
Or better yet, ask them if they'd be interested in working with you.

Then repeat until you sign a new client.

P.S. It's not always as easy as
1.) Mindset
2.) Free Call
3.) Sales Conversation.
A potential client needs to trust you before they're willing to pay you moolah.

That's why I'm such a big advocate for content creation!
There will also be many many many times where you'd like support and mentorship. That's why I have my own coaches.

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So how do you create exciting new content often?

Check out my free 7 Steps to Attract Your Dream Client guide to find out for yourself !

How To Create Products Your Clients Will Love


How do you know what your client wants? 
What's the special formula? 
The secret? 
Will anyone ever know? 

I do. 

I know exactly what they want and I'll tell you how I know. 
It's actually so simple that it might sound complicated. 
But I promise you it's not. 

Know how I know exactly what my clients want? 

That's right - I spend time asking my dream clients what they want
(what they really really want)
and then they tell me what they want
(what they really really want)
Then I create it,
have a few clients test it out,
get feedback and make any edits,
and then I release it.

Is that groundbreaking information?
It shouldn't be but sometimes it feels like it is! 

It really is not super complicated.
But here is the kicker: there are so many times that I see entrepreneurs ask people for feedback but they're not asking their dream clients. They're asking friends or people in the industry.

So before you before you implement my tips & tricks for knowing what your dream client wants, make sure you are actually asking your dream client! 
The people that if they said yes to working with you, you'd be ecstatic.

Now how do you find out if you'd like to work with a person?
Send them a survey first to help determine if they are in the dreamy business category.

Ways I Find Out What My Dream Clients Want: 

  • Video / Phone Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Polls in my Facebook Group
  • Ask Questions in my Facebook Group
  • Read Comments my Facebook Group

After completing one or more of these tasks, I go through all of the information and look for themes. I jot down the exact words that continue to pop up in a number of interviews, surveys, etc. and I use all of this to really get into the world of my dream client and identify what they're currently challenged with.

I then give them a solution, packaged in a way that they want to receive it.
This could be in the form of a coaching package, a group program, a self-study course, all of the above. I simply give my dream clients what they want with a caveat (or two):
1. It has to feel good to me,
2. It has to be something I am truly excited about creating,
3. And it has to be something that I know will truly support my dream clients.

What I mean by that is: If all of my dream clients say their biggest challenge is finding an outfit to wear during their Facebook Lives, then I'd send them over to my stylist Kate Taylor. ;)


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What I Discovered When I Quite My Job Without A Plan

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The great thing about having a global and online business is that you have access to so many people. You are literally tapped into every person on the planet that has access to the internet. You have the ability to connect with so many people around the globe and are not constrained to only people in your town, neighborhood, or down the street. 

But my favorite aspect having my own business is that I get to be myself and I get to discover who the heck I am. 

I spent a long, long, time working for other people. 
From working in publishing and advertising,
from transitioning to corporate right after I got my MBA, 
to working at a start-up, 
I kept taking jobs that I thought would "look good" or kind of make me happy.
But no matter how many dinners or spa days I received and no matter how much money I made, I didn't love what I was doing.

I was not living my life's purpose, instead I was chasing the biggest paycheck.

Until one day I woke up and didn't even recognize myself. I was miserable. I was pretending that I really wanted to be at the job I had. While I loved the people, I wasn't passionate about the work. So I gave my 2 weeks notice and didn't have a plan. 

That started an amazing journey of figuring out who I am and what I truly wanted to live my life for.

On this journey, I discovered that I truly desired to have my own business and that I was too afraid of failure before to take the leap.  

It was in entrepreneurship that I found the secret to my success.

I discovered that I am most successful in my business when I am 100% myself. 

I am the best version of myself as a business owner, coach, and mentor when I am unapologetically myself.

And when I am myself I am happiest, 
I get to work with people that I want to work with, 
and the people actually want to work with me. 
They are choosing to work with me. 

Does what I say sometimes not jive with other people? Of course.
Because my personality won't fit everyone.
Neither will yours.

When I am on calls with people I try to be honest and help them see possible blind spots. 
I will try to tell people what I see, or what I'm thinking, or what I'm feeling, and see if that makes a difference for them. 

If people don't like me or want to hear my message, the great thing is they can turn me off. 
No one is forcing them to listen.
If I have something to offer you guys, I will share it. 
If I'm off base then I'll learn from it. 
But I will never regret caring enough about people to make a difference. 

Because at my core what I care the most about is that you are happy and achieving your definition of success. 

That is what I want to do, 
that is what I live for,
that is what I promised, 
that is what I planned out to do, 
that is what I love doing, 
that is what I get excited about. 

So I don't hold back.

If you're reading this I have to assume that a part of you holds back. Is apologetic for desiring to be yourself all of the time. Or maybe you beat yourself up for hiding parts of yourself.

If that's true. Be kind to yourself!  

This is a journey not a race.

And if you know that what you truly desire in this world is to be a coach, entrepreneur, speaker, author, etc. Then please read the following over and over again.

There is only one you! Don't rob the world of your uniqueness. 

If you have concerns about there being other people in your field, I get that there is a real concern. Let's say you're saying to yourself:
"Oh, but there are so many coaches/consultants/whatever-it-is out there..." 

Yes. That's true. There is more than one coach out there. 
But it's also a bunch of bull that people won't choose you. 

That's like saying, 
"Oh, but there are a lot of other doctors out there. Who needs another doctor in the world?" 

Uh, I do. 
We do. 

Everyone needs more of your expertise, 
more support, 
more knowledge, 

There's only one you that's going to do things the way you do things. 
There's only one you that's going to say the things you are going to say. 

Be the way you're going to be. 

When you are being unapologetically yourself, you are attracting the people that actually want to listen to you, 
that want to connect with you, 
that want to work with you, 
that want to buy your coaching package, 
that want to buy your consulting package, 
that want to buy your online course, 
that want to buy your artwork.... Or whatever it is you're selling! 

The people that are really excited about what it is you're offering and are really connected to it are the ones that are going to choose you because
they know who you are.

And all you are looking to do in this world is to get your message out there. 
So what I'm saying is this: 

Get your message out there. Connect with the people that connect with you. 

You have something to offer. 

If you start getting down on yourself or questioning what you are doing because someone else is already doing that and you think you are not enough and you are not going to have enough clients and no one is going to buy your product... 

Put some blinders on and go, 
"I don't care what other people are saying. This is what I AM saying. This is how I WANT to say it. This is what I AM doing." 

Be unapologetically yourself. Be responsible for how you are can impact others, but be yourself. 

Even if you have heard this a million times, I hope this is the time that actually made a difference for you. 
Maybe this is the time that gave you permission to really go off and no longer apologize for the gift you are to this world. 

Do your thing.
Share what you have to share in this world.
Be yourself and don't worry about what other people are going to say. 

Do you need someone to talk over your fears? 

Do you need just someone to listen to your ideas and be reminded how important you are?

Set up a coffee date with me and we can talk it about where you are in your business, what your desires are, and what it will talk to get there.