6 MUST REVIEW Metrics For Your Next Ad Campaign!

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Ever run an ad campaign only to stop it a few days later because you weren’t sure if it was working?

Or maybe you haven’t been running ads in your business at all because you’re worried that you’ll waste money you don’t have.

Oh have I been there!!!

When I started my business, I spent tons of ad dollars with “experts” only to be left feeling like I wasted a bunch of money.

But it wasn’t their fault. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted the ads to truly do, nor did I know how to do it.

When you’re just getting started (and even when you’re wildly successful), what you need is for your ads to make you money!

Your ads should work in such a way that for every $1 your spend you get $2, $3, $4, heck $100 back.

But for that to happen you need more than just an offer and an email sequence.

You need to know which metrics to look at.

In the video below I’ll walk you through the six metrics I believe you MUST KNOW in order to have a successful ad campaign.

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  1. ROI: Return On Investment. Your ads should be making you money, so do a test of your campaign (I recommend 14 days), then monitor until the last person to opt in goes through your email sequence and has the opportunity to buy. If you made more money than you spent….You have a winning campaign!

  2. CAC: Customer Acquisition Costs (or CCA Cost of Customer Acquisition). Know how much it costs you to get a new customer from your campaign. This allows you to compare with other campaigns you have going on so that you know which are most effective.

  3. CTR: Click Through Rate. Know if your ads are compelling or attracting the right people by see which percentage of people are clicking on your ad.

  4. Conversion Rate. For ever stage of your funnel. Look at if people are converting. Are they opting in via your opt-in page at a strong rate? Are they showing up for your webinar? are they buying? etc.

  5. Open Rate. Are people opening the emails of your email sequence? If not, then it might be time to change the subject line.

  6. Drop off Rate. What percentage of people stop engaging with the campaign? Do they do it before or after you get to your offer?

Monitor these metrics and you’ll not only know if your campaign is successful or not, you’ll know where to improve it.

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