How To Become An Affiliate Of Brands You Love!


As an entrepreneur, there will likely be systems that you use and love. In fact, you may even refer clients and fellow coaches to those systems over and over again.

What would it be like to receive $$ every time someone you referred actually invested in the system or program you recommended? 

In the wonderful world of marketing - we call this being an affiliate. 

Here's my take on being an affiliate. I believe that when you're an affiliate, you should truly believe in the products or services you are recommending to people. I also believe that if you're going to be an affiliate, you should be transparent about being an affiliate!

If there are products or services you love and you would love to receive money or points for referring others, I recommend looking into becoming an affiliate.

Here's how I became an affiliate for programs I loved.

1. I Googled if the products and services I loved had an affiliate program.

2. If I couldn't find it via my online search, I sent an email to customer support.

It's that simple. So many companies have affiliate programs today. 

Here's a list of products and services I love that have an affiliate program:

 G-Suite -  you can get 20% off your first year by using my special link for G-Suite and using this promo code 6A4E4QETY73YJU4. Full disclosure - I'm an affiliate of G-Suite so if you use my link and code, I'll receive a small kickback. I

DocuSign. If you use this link for Docusign you'll receive 30 days free and 10% off your plan. #affiliate

I use Leadpages to create the pages I use to drive people to (and to create the checkout pages). Then I have Leadpages collect the email addresses of people that sign up and send those names to my email automation system. For that I use Drip now  Since I loved Leadpages and Drip so much - I signed up to be an affiliate. 

While these are programs I love that have affiliate programs. There are a number of systems I use that don't. To get insight into the systems and tools I LOVE - checkout my blog post here.

Nikki Nash