3 Affirmations For Writers Block


I freaking love writing and creating content. I was a Journalism major in college and spent a lot of time journaling as a kid, I occasionally write poems, I’m working on a book - writing is just something I enjoy.

But when I started writing for my business - I was stopped. The idea of writing content paralyzed me (figuratively) and I just wouldn’t do it. I’d coach other people on how to do it - but I didn’t really do it for myself.

And it was because I was scared shitless. I was scared of what people would think. Is this post good enough? Is anyone even going to read it? Will this even help my business? If you’ve had similar thoughts or feelings give me a heck yeah in the comments.

It wasn’t until I woke up one day and realize I care waaaayyyyy more about helping women grow their business than I do about engaging the thoughts in my head that stop me from doing what I’m really committed to. The reality is that some people will like what I write and some people won’t. And I was spending so much time thinking about the people that don't like what I write than I was focusing on the people I really want to support. People like you. :)

3 Affirmations For Writers Block 

AKA. 3 Things To Tell Yourself When You Need To Get Out Of Your Head And Start Creating Content For Your Business

The reality is that creating content makes a difference in your dream clients life and in your business. So when you’re stuck, tell yourself:  

I am an expert and my target audience loves me!

You know more than your target audience does when it comes to the topic you’re speaking about. You don’t need to have a PhD or the best of the best in your field to contribute to your target audience’s lives. You know more about the topic you’re speaking about than your target audience. If you didn’t they wouldn’t follow you! ;)  

I am committed to something bigger than my fears!

What typically stops us from creating content can be boiled down to some sort of fear. Fear of being visible, fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of looking stupid, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being perfect, fear that it won’t work. And while you may not be thinking of what stops you from creating a piece of content for your business, I invite you to consider that it’s some sort of fear. And there is nothing wrong with that!!!! Fear is human. It’s normal. It’s just there. But when you spend more time thinking about your fear than you do all of the people you’re out there to help and support with your business - it doesn’t help the people you are committed to serving or your business. I mean if you’re in a service based business - I think it’s fair to say you’re doing it because you want to help people with something they’re challenged with. So take some time and just create some content - a video, a blog post, an Instagram post. See what happens.

Failure is neither good nor bad, it’s just an opportunity to expand!

So take it! Girl, you are not a failure. You can never be a failure. Because failure is not something you can be. It’s just an opportunity to learn something new. And you can either take that opportunity and get really interested in learning from it - or you can pretend that it’s not an opportunity and that it’s about you being something (insert bad, wrong, a failure, etc.). I have learned more from failures that I could have possibly imagined. But what made it possible for me to learn from failures is be getting excited by them. So I invite you to stop saying things like “I failed, or I’m a failure” and start saying - this was what we expected to happen, this did not happen or this happened instead. Now what can be learned by this failure or failure in performance?

Now take 5 - 10 mins and create something. Any piece of content that will add value to your dream clients lives. If you’re really inspired to do so take 30 mins. Just create something and get in the habit of creating. When you’re stopped tell yourself (1) I am an expert and my target audience loves me! (2) I am are committed to something bigger than my fears! and (3) Failure is neither good nor bad, it’s just an opportunity to expand!


Nikki Nash