How To Create A Biz Model That Works For Your Coaching Business!

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How To Create A Business Model That Works For You!

Ever feel like you can’t possibly take on another client, but you need the money?

The number of clients you have now is energetically draining.

To top it all off, it’s not paying the bills either.


Oh have I been there!

When I started my coaching business I had a number of coaches give me their business model that "worked".

One coach told me to to follow the 1:1 model.

The 1:1 Coaching Business Model:

STEP ONE: Offer a free coaching call.

STEP TWO: Offer a one-time 90-minute intensive at $200 - $1,000.

STEP THREE: Then up-sell people from the intensive into a 90-day coaching package that’s $1,500+.

STEP FOUR: Once I'm fully booked, then I can think about launching a group program and/or an online course.

This was my first business model as a coach.

But the truth is with this 1:1 coaching model, by the time I was fully booked, I was too overworked and exhausted to create a leveraged program.

Another coach told me to follow the Ladder Model.

The Ladder Coaching Business Model:

STEP ONE: Offer something for free

STEP TWO: Then offer something for $7-97 dollars (often called a tripwire)

STEP THREE: Then offer something for $297 - $997 like an online course

STEP FOUR: Then offer your group program at $1,500 - $6,000

STEP FIVE: Then offer private coaching at $3,000+

I’m not going to lie - I never completely finished implementing this model.

The idea of creating all of these products stressed me out. And I started over analyzing them.

Why couldn’t I just offer my clients something that solved their problems vs creating a million little products and services?  


So I took a step back and started thinking about how would I really want my business to go.  

On a white piece of paper, I mapped out a simple business model that would allow me to make an impact, help my clients get results, and generate a consistent flow of income.

I call it the Momentum Business Model.

The Momentum Coaching Business Model:

It allows coaches to create momentum in their business so that they can continue to scale. 

And you can scale your business to six figures with just one offering.

The key to the Momentum Business Model is to create a signature system that solves your dream client’s problem. Here’s how it flows...

STEP ONE: Create a free guide and training and/or webinar that walks your prospects through your signature system.

STEP TWO: From your online training/webinar or from attending a live event, invite your tribe to join your group program/mastermind or high end private coaching program ($3,000+).

You can scale your business to six figures with just this offer.

STEP THREE: Then Down-sell prospects who are not ready to invest in your hight ticket offer into a program that walks them through your signature system.

A group program with rolling admission ($1,00 - $10,000+), an evergreen course that walks people through your signature system ($497 - $2,000), or a membership site ($27 - $297+/mo).

You  can scale your business to multiple six figures/seven figures+ with these types of programs.

The idea of the Momentum Business Model is to start gaining traction with high ticket offers and then once you have stable income, start selling an evergreen program that can generate money that either runs without you or with a little amount of your time live.

There are many ways to grow your business!

The key is to choose a business model that...

  1. Works with the lifestyle you desire

  2. Generates a consistent flow of clients

  3. Allows you make more than enough money

  4. Allows you to help your clients get the results they desire & make a big impact

Today, take a few minutes and write out really want to make money this year.

You don’t have to follow a business model that doesn’t work for you.

Not even the one I suggest.

You've Got This!