3 Content Strategies To Sign Five Figure Clients

3 Content Strategies To Sign Five Figure Clients

I was recently asked how I sign sign 5 figure clients from my FB Lives, Webinars, and other forms of content. 

The truth is I've used a combination of strategies to generate business at different stages of my business.

The Content To Calls Strategy: If you want to fill up your calendar with sales conversations, I strongly recommend leveraging the Content To Calls Strategy. It's all about connecting with your dream prospective client, delivering content that adds value and then inspires them to hop on the phone with you, and then having a killer sales conversation.

The Content To Thought Leader Strategy: Becoming a go-to expert has its advantages, including generating clients for your expertise. To position yourself has an expert - I recommend choosing what you want to be known for, which platform makes the most sense for you, and consistently sharing content that reinforces your expertise.   

Knock Knock Knocking On My Door Strategy: If you want dream clients knocking on your door to work with you, I recommend interviewing clients who have succeeded on your program and sharing case studies. 

To learn more about these three strategies - watch the video. 

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