How To Create Client Attracting Content

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1. Know that you are an expert in your field

The people who are following you are doing so because you have something of value to offer them. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE!! You know more than your target audience. If you don't then maybe they shouldn't be your target audience ;). There are people out there that are craving the knowledge that you have and by focusing on your worries or disempowering thoughts - you are robbing those that need your special gift of the opportunity to receive it. So with love - KNOW THAT YOU ARE AN EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD COMPARED TO YOUR DREAM CLIENT! And then make sure you're continuously learning and expanding so that you can continue to have information to offer. <3 

2. Get intimate with your dream client

Step into the world of your dream client! Know who they are and what they are dealing with. In order to make THE difference in the lives of your dream client, you have to start with where they are coming from. Get a sense of what life is like for them, where they are now and where they want to be. From there you can provide them with content that will add value to their lives. Once you know that you have all the knowledge needed to give your dream clients what they need and the challenges they are dealing with - you can create amazing content that will make a huge difference in their lives.


Nikki Nash