How To Create Content Your Dream Client Loves

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If you want to create content that your dream audience will love, you have to get into their world and understand what they really need right now. 

I do this time and time again via a quick four part process. Below are the four steps I take to create content my dream prospects can't get enough off. 

1. Determine Who Your Dream Client Is! It may seem like an obvious first step, but I've worked with people time and time again who are only partially clear on who their ideal client is.  The goal here is to have the person in mind. Who is it that you know of (or can describe) that would be an absolute dream client? 

2. Get Into Their World! Once you're clear on who you want to work with. It's time to get into their world. What are they dealing with? What are they challenged with? And what can you help them accomplish?

3. Brainstorm Content Ideas That Would Make A Difference In Getting Them To Where They Want To Go. Now here's the fun part. Start thinking about the content and information you believe they need right now in order to make a big difference in their life. What questions can you answer, topics can you cover that would help them transform areas of their lives. 

4.  Poll Your Audience! Make Sure It's Your Dream Client VS Friends. Then once you have a list of topics and content ideas, connect with people who would be your ideal client and ask them questions. Ask them which topics they want right now. Then give it to them. 

If you already know that creating content will be a crucial part of your business strategy and would like support building a strategy and game plan that's in alignment with your goals - sign up for a free chat with me to discuss further. 

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Nikki Nash