3 Pro Tips For An Amazing PDF Freebie

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Today, everyone and their mother is creating lead magnets for their coaching business. Workbooks, Worksheets, Webinars, Challenges, Video Series, the list goes on.

Most people start with a PDF lead magnet. It’s easier to create (compared to a webinar or video series) and it’s easier for the prospect to consume.

But how do you stand out in a sea of Freebies?

When you’re creating a PDF lead magnet there are a few things that matter:

Amazing Lead Magnet Pro Tip #1: Masterful design

People like to look at “pretty” and well designed things. If your PDF is designed well, it gives people the impression that you’re a legit business. Plus, when you show a screenshot of your PDF on your opt-in page, it increases the chances that someone will say “yes, I’ll take that”. Even if the content seems good, some people will drop off if your graphic looks like it was created in 1989.

** Pro Tip **

Need advice creating a stellar design:

  • If you’re not InDesign savvy, try using Canva to make your PDF look nice.

  • Creative Market* allows you to buy PDF templates that you can use with Word, Pages, PPT, or Canva

  • Hire a graphic designer to create your workbook. (don’t know a graphic designer, do some research for people on Fiverr or Upwork)

Amazing Lead Magnet Pro Tip #2: An attention grabbing title

People want to know your PDF is THE thing they need to look at right now. Create a title and./or headline that really hits the pain point of your prospective clients.

** Pro Tip **

Need help coming up with a cool title, here are some thought starters...

  • 3 Secrets to XXX 

  • From [Where they are now] to [Where they want to be]

  • My Step by Step Guide To [What they want to accomplish]

Amazing Lead Magnet Pro Tip #3: a bonus video

If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, I recommend creating a simple and short video walking your prospect through your freebie. Now don’t freak out when I say video. It can be a simple screen share with you talking through how to use your PDF and/or the benefits of your PDF.

*** Pro Tip ***

Wondering how to create your video or where to put it?

  • To create your video use tools like Zoom, Loom, or ShareX.

  • Want your audience to see it right away, put the video on your Thank You Page along with a button to download the guide.

  • Looking for another place to share your video vs the thank you page? Include a link to watch the video in the first email of your sequence! Not only will your prospect receive the guide, they’ll get a video to watch as well. 

BONUS PRO TIP! make sure the content is valuable!!!

While these tips will help you attract prospects to your freebie, if you truly want to create an amazing freebie you need to create something that’s VALUABLE.

So before you start hiring designers, coming up with titles, or creating a video, make sure you ask yourself - what’s one problem or challenge that my dream client has that CAN be made resolved by a tool or simple process?

Have multiple ideas?


Choose the one that can easily transition into a sale for your program.

ie). Create a PDF that gives 5 steps for 10Xing your Instagram Following and then sell an Instagram Course in the email sequence.

It doesn’t matter what you create, just that it’s something of VALUE.

So take time today to map out the content of your PDF freebie. Then you can start thinking about design, titles, and videos.

You’ve Got This!