5 Steps To Creating The Business Of Your Dreams

Do you know you'd be an amazing coach (consultant, stylist, etc.) and are clueless in terms of where to start in building your dream business? 

I've so been there. When I started coaching - I knew I'd love it and that I'd be good at it - but I wasn't sure how to get my first clients, what I should invest my money in, or where I should be spending my time. 

I ended up spending money on things I didn't need, spending time on things that didn't move my business forward, and I was stressing out about bringing on another client.

I finally said enough is enough and I was no longer available to having a stressful experience growing my business. So I took a step back and said to myself - what would I advice someone like me who was just starting their own business. When I took a breath and starting thinking about what would make THE difference in creating a business I loved I boiled it down 5 Steps that I took when I first got started that made a huge difference in creating a business I loved and that made money. So here are.

The 5 Steps To Creating The Business Of Your Dreams

1. Get Crystal Clear On Who Your Business Serves

The #1 Mistake I see entrepreneurs make is their business is not having a crystal clear idea of who their dream client is. It is the foundation of everything you'll do in your business. Your marketing should be created to attract your ideal client, your content should be written for them. Everything you do should be created with your ideal client in mind. Yet too often I see entrepreneurs try to be everything to everyone. The fear of excluding people ends up turning people off instead of attracting them towards you. So getting clear on my ideal client was the 1st thing I did when I stopped running on a treadmill with my business - you may have been there - that place where you're doing a lot but not going anywhere. 

2. Define What Your Services Are And Know Their Value

Once you know who you desire to serve - you need to create your offers. You may already know the type of service you're offering and you may even know how you'd like to price (if not - no worries the 2nd thing I did was finalize my pricing) but the real important step here is knowing how to package it. Defining what your services are is not just about coming up with your pricing model. It's about taking what you do and asking yourself why it's of value to your dream client. Why would they give you money for what you do? 

3. Set Business Goals And Only Take Actions That Are Inline With Your Goals

Once you know who you are serving and what you're offering you can take time to identify what you actually want to happen for your business in a given time frame. You may want 2 new clients in a month, a quarter, or a year. Whatever your goals are - you'll want to create them, make sure they're clear and then only take actions that are in line with your goals. Often times as entrepreneurs we have the shiny object syndrome - but that's living life on that treadmill instead of making money. Only take actions that are connected to your business goals!

4. Create A Marketing Strategy, A Detailed Plan, And Then Execute Them

And make out those actions so that you don't have to think about what to do every day. The best thing I did for myself and my business was map out a strategy and a detailed plan that I believed would allow me to achieve my business goals! Then I put everything in my calendar so that every day I took actions that were in line with my business goals. 

5. Get Support (AKA Hire The Right People & Tools)

But the reality is - you can't do it all. You are the CEO of your company and you should be taking on the roles of a CEO. So what I did for my business was what every good CEO does - outsource things that don't need to be done "in house" aka by you and get training and coaching to continue to expand. Said another way - I invested in myself and in my business. So I hired a business coach who costs more than 2x what I charge, I hired a Bookkeeper and a Virtual Assistant, I invested in software. I made sure that I put money back in the business so that it would not only run smoothly but I would expedite the rate at which I could see success.

Once I took on these 5 steps - I went from spending 4 months running on a treadmill not making any money to earning over $5K in one week.

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