You Can Have A Life And Be An Entrepreneur

Quick question: Are you still having fun?

Are you still going out and doing things? 
Are you still doing the things that you enjoy? 
Are you taking time to step away from your business?  

You could spend a bajillion hours on your business because it's your baby
But in the reality is, it's NOT actually a baby. 

It is your baby but it does not require the same amount of time and effort and energy. 
You can actually walk away from your business to go to the bathroom without fearing marker will end up on the walls. 

But a lot of times, especially when we first get started, we feel like we have to devote every ounce of energy
and every waking moment

And it doesn't need to be that way. 
The truth is that to make money in your business it doesn't take all that. 

It really just takes you being intentional, 
determining what you want, 
coming up with your inspired actions, 
connecting with people and inviting them to work with you. 

That's really the bulk of business, and the bulk of marketing, and the bulk of the effort.

Yes, there are tools and techniques and different things that you could do.
But when you all boil it down, it is about telling people who you are and what you can do for them, and then inviting them to buy now.
And if it's all the things your dream client really wants, then they could choose to say yes.
Or they could choose not to.

Then from there you check your analytics and see how effective you're being.
If you are being effective, then great! You are doing it!
And if you aren't, then just tweak the process and try again.

When you can see it from that perspective, 
realizing that it all comes down to being yourself and reaching out to others, 
then you can realize that you don't need to spend every waking moment of your weekend and weekday to run an awesome business. 

Because you don't. 
It's not feasible, 
it's not healthy, 
it's not fun!  

And that's what you need to remember: remember to have fun. 
(Whatever fun is for you.) 

Go on a hike, 
game night with friends, 
go see a movie, 
go shopping, 
go shopping a lot, 
go eat waffles. 

Do whatever it is that makes you happy because you really have to remember to have fun in when you have a business. 

I constantly have to remind myself to go live life. 
I didn't start this business so that I could work a bajillion hours. 
I started this business because I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to love what I did. 

But oftentimes, I find that I love what I do so much that I'm constantly reading and learning and trying to grow and expand...
And sometimes I lose sight of what is really important, like spending time with the people that you care about the most in this world. 

So pick an hour of the day to CLOSE YOUR COMPUTER. 
Shut it down. 
Put it away. 
Walk away slowly... 

Just pick a time every day and just say, "I am going to do whatever I can for this hour and I'm not going to pick up any work." 

For me personally I have a rule that I don't take meetings in the morning before 10:00am. 
My time. 
My rules. 
My wants. 
My fun. 

You need to set boundaries for yourself and then spend time having fun. 
Because you could work in your business all day long. 
You could focus on your business all day long. 
And it's not going to make a difference.  

It may not feel that way at the time but I promise you, you could find someone who is working half as hard as you are and getting twice as far because they are not burning themselves out. 
They're allowing themselves to have fun, 
to free their brain up to really come up with creative ideas. 

So do something fun, 
do something you love, 
and do it regularly. 

Set boundaries and stick to them. 
Get some sleep. 

I am much happier when I am taking care of myself.
I promise you, you can't give what you don't have.
If you are drained and exhausted and sleeping terrible hours, you can't give a time and attention to your clients, because you're depleted.
If you are trying to have people work with you, but the way that you are living your life doesn't look all that appealing then why would they want to hire you?

Really, just live the life that you really want now.
Live the life that you want your clients to have now and take care of yourself.
The money will come.
The business will work out.

It's not just because I said so or because you're doing mindset work.
It's because you're gonna take the actions to make it work. 

And you're gonna take them when you're well-rested
and you're happy
and you're relaxed
and you are focused
and you're not so stressed out
and you're not running all over the place like a crazy person.

Because I've been there before,
trust me.

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Nikki Nash