What I Discovered When I Quite My Job Without A Plan

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The great thing about having a global and online business is that you have access to so many people. You are literally tapped into every person on the planet that has access to the internet. You have the ability to connect with so many people around the globe and are not constrained to only people in your town, neighborhood, or down the street. 

But my favorite aspect having my own business is that I get to be myself and I get to discover who the heck I am. 

I spent a long, long, time working for other people. 
From working in publishing and advertising,
from transitioning to corporate right after I got my MBA, 
to working at a start-up, 
I kept taking jobs that I thought would "look good" or kind of make me happy.
But no matter how many dinners or spa days I received and no matter how much money I made, I didn't love what I was doing.

I was not living my life's purpose, instead I was chasing the biggest paycheck.

Until one day I woke up and didn't even recognize myself. I was miserable. I was pretending that I really wanted to be at the job I had. While I loved the people, I wasn't passionate about the work. So I gave my 2 weeks notice and didn't have a plan. 

That started an amazing journey of figuring out who I am and what I truly wanted to live my life for.

On this journey, I discovered that I truly desired to have my own business and that I was too afraid of failure before to take the leap.  

It was in entrepreneurship that I found the secret to my success.

I discovered that I am most successful in my business when I am 100% myself. 

I am the best version of myself as a business owner, coach, and mentor when I am unapologetically myself.

And when I am myself I am happiest, 
I get to work with people that I want to work with, 
and the people actually want to work with me. 
They are choosing to work with me. 

Does what I say sometimes not jive with other people? Of course.
Because my personality won't fit everyone.
Neither will yours.

When I am on calls with people I try to be honest and help them see possible blind spots. 
I will try to tell people what I see, or what I'm thinking, or what I'm feeling, and see if that makes a difference for them. 

If people don't like me or want to hear my message, the great thing is they can turn me off. 
No one is forcing them to listen.
If I have something to offer you guys, I will share it. 
If I'm off base then I'll learn from it. 
But I will never regret caring enough about people to make a difference. 

Because at my core what I care the most about is that you are happy and achieving your definition of success. 

That is what I want to do, 
that is what I live for,
that is what I promised, 
that is what I planned out to do, 
that is what I love doing, 
that is what I get excited about. 

So I don't hold back.

If you're reading this I have to assume that a part of you holds back. Is apologetic for desiring to be yourself all of the time. Or maybe you beat yourself up for hiding parts of yourself.

If that's true. Be kind to yourself!  

This is a journey not a race.

And if you know that what you truly desire in this world is to be a coach, entrepreneur, speaker, author, etc. Then please read the following over and over again.

There is only one you! Don't rob the world of your uniqueness. 

If you have concerns about there being other people in your field, I get that there is a real concern. Let's say you're saying to yourself:
"Oh, but there are so many coaches/consultants/whatever-it-is out there..." 

Yes. That's true. There is more than one coach out there. 
But it's also a bunch of bull that people won't choose you. 

That's like saying, 
"Oh, but there are a lot of other doctors out there. Who needs another doctor in the world?" 

Uh, I do. 
We do. 

Everyone needs more of your expertise, 
more support, 
more knowledge, 

There's only one you that's going to do things the way you do things. 
There's only one you that's going to say the things you are going to say. 

Be the way you're going to be. 

When you are being unapologetically yourself, you are attracting the people that actually want to listen to you, 
that want to connect with you, 
that want to work with you, 
that want to buy your coaching package, 
that want to buy your consulting package, 
that want to buy your online course, 
that want to buy your artwork.... Or whatever it is you're selling! 

The people that are really excited about what it is you're offering and are really connected to it are the ones that are going to choose you because
they know who you are.

And all you are looking to do in this world is to get your message out there. 
So what I'm saying is this: 

Get your message out there. Connect with the people that connect with you. 

You have something to offer. 

If you start getting down on yourself or questioning what you are doing because someone else is already doing that and you think you are not enough and you are not going to have enough clients and no one is going to buy your product... 

Put some blinders on and go, 
"I don't care what other people are saying. This is what I AM saying. This is how I WANT to say it. This is what I AM doing." 

Be unapologetically yourself. Be responsible for how you are can impact others, but be yourself. 

Even if you have heard this a million times, I hope this is the time that actually made a difference for you. 
Maybe this is the time that gave you permission to really go off and no longer apologize for the gift you are to this world. 

Do your thing.
Share what you have to share in this world.
Be yourself and don't worry about what other people are going to say. 

Do you need someone to talk over your fears? 

Do you need just someone to listen to your ideas and be reminded how important you are?

Set up a coffee date with me and we can talk it about where you are in your business, what your desires are, and what it will talk to get there.



Nikki Nash