How To Create Your Next Flash Sale!


You've finally found the perfect one! The perfect Photographer, Coach, VA, Web Designer, Spa, Vacation, Retreat, Online Course, and/or Seminar. 

You are soooooo ready for it - except... You need a cash injection. 

We've all been there! And the good news is that flash sales are an amazing way to generate much needed cash for your biz. Here is my exact formula to creating flash sales for my business.

How To Create Flash Sales For Your Business:

Step 1: Get Clear On Your Desires.

  1. How much money do you desire? Specifically? Want to do a photoshoot - write down how much it would cost for ever element of the photoshoot. The photographer, hair and makeup, new clothes, a stylist, anything that you desire to invest in. 
  2. By when do you desire to reach that goal? What is the exact date you desire the money to be in your bank account? 
  3. Why is this important to you? What would it make available? eg. confidence in charging what your worth. 

Step 2: Sketch Out An Offer: I like to offer something that isn't readily available for flash sales vs discounting products I already have out there. 

  1. What do you already offer? How long and how much is each package.
  2. Which offering do you desire to sell more of long term? 
  3. What small package could help you sell that offer? (would a 1/2 day intensive, 4 week program, etc. be a logical pre-step to your bigger package)

Step 3: Package The New Mini Offer

  1. How could you help your ideal client in a concentrated period of time? (ie. loose 10 pounds, build a marketing strategy, etc.)
  2. What value would it have to your Ideal Client?
  3. What does the package look like specifically? eg. 3 hour session, 30 days of email support.
  4. What do you desire to name your package?
  5. How much do you desire to charge?

Step 4: Run The Numbers.

  1. How much do you desire to make?
  2. How much is your new package?
  3. How many do you need to sell?

Step 5: Map Out Your Action Plan

  1. Brainstorm how you could sell the packages.
  2. Highlight ideas that feel good when you check in with your intuition.
  3. Map out when your Ideal Client will see your marketing and where.
  4. Map all of the steps and sub-steps needed to make that happen.  
  5. Put everything in your calendar!!!

Bonus Activities!

  1. Read Think & Grow Rich.
  2. Read Grow Rich While You Sleep.
  3. Visualize Your Results Every Day.
  4. Meditate On Which Steps You Should Take Each Day To Realize Your Goal. 


When I first started my coaching business, I was so afraid of messing up, I spent most of my days reading how to “bring in $5k months” and how to “create a 6-figure business”.

I wasted so much time trying to do things perfectly. Having the beautiful website, the right pricing, the best branding photos.

The reality is, none of that made me money. But my perfectionism and fears derailed me from taking actions that made a difference in signing clients. 

I'm forever grateful for the coaches and mentors that supported me in transforming my beliefs and start taking money making actions in my business.

My intention is to provide you with this support. 



Nikki Nash