How To Have Anything You Desire For Your Life! (with the help of an Inner Soundtrack Remix)

When you stop and listen, you'll start to notice that there is a voice that always seems to have something to say in your head.

Sometimes you hear a voice providing brilliant ideas, others it's one distracting you from your meditation with a to do list. But the voice I'm talking about is the one that stops you from doing what you truly desire. 

We all have it, even those of us that think we don't. It's tells us to not put our hand on a hot flame. That tells us to not say your opinion or answer out loud because people may think you're dumb. It's the one that stops you from being VISIBLE in our business (even just that one time) because you had "nothing of value to say" or you didn't look "good enough" or that people may not show up. 

The voice's intention is to protect us. But is a Facebook Live helping our ideal client really that dangerous? Even if no one watches live. Or at all.  

It's also why you're not where you want to be in your business, relationship, and/or life. It's like having a soundtrack in your head that you can't get out. It has songs like...

  • Not good enough
  • Nobody wants this
  • So not pretty
  • Nobody's coming to the party
  • You just need to know more
  • Do more research
  • Nobody is listening anyway
  • What's wrong with them?
  • What's wrong with me? 
  • How are you going to help others when you can't even help yourself?
  • Been there, tried that
  • Give up now and just get a job

There are so many volumes, I can't even list it all. And sometimes one song is on replay. This inner soundtrack is so brilliant that many times you don't even realize it's playing all day. But it's there- stopping you from living a life you're madly in love with.

The good news is, over the course of your life - you've often times unknowingly created this soundtrack. Which means you can change it.

It's time for an inner soundtrack remix!!

And you don't have to try to figure out how to create a remix all by yourself.  In fact, after speaking with friends, peers, and clients on remixing their own inner soundtrack, I've decided to create a program that will make a HUGE impact in the way you treat yourself, others, and/or run your business.

Are you ready to invest in yourself so that you can consistently take actions to turn your dreams into reality.

Even if you knew all of the secrets to make your dreams come true. What would be in your way is you (and that inner soundtrack)

So who's ready for an inner soundtrack remix?

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Nikki Nash