Improve Your Sales Conversions By Avoiding This In Your Videos!


Nothing ruins the outcome a great FB Live or a Webinar faster....

I get it. You don't want people to feel like there's nothing there for them. After all they could buy your 90 day program, your 90 minute intensive, your full day intensive, your 6 month program, the list goes on...

But nothing kills a sale like giving one person all of these options.

Have you ever gone to the store. Needed a dress for an event. Found a ton that looked okay, but didn't fall madly in love with either of them, and then walked out the door empty handed?

I sure have. 

It's because confused and overwhelmed customers walk away. 

Now picture this.

That time you walked into the store, found your dream dress, and then looked at the price tag.

You likely did one of two things. 

Said that's a lot but sooooo worth it. Or went on a hunt for a dress that was similar style, maybe not the 100% what you wanted, but still lite you up and was a fraction of the price.

Either way you walked out with something!

That's what I advise you to do when are making an offer from a FB live, Webinar, or something along those lines.

I was working with a client recently and she was ending some of her trainings just saying - if you're interested in working with me, sign up here. And others listing everything that was available. She wasn't getting results and was like -WTF?!?

She's an amazing coach - and she was so frustrated.

So we started tweaking her lives. The biggest tweak we made was making only one offer. And focusing on that offer, again, and again, and again.

Guess what. She had people going to her website and signing up for her intensives even though she was pitching a group program. She had people sign up for 1:1 even though she was pitching a group program. And she also, filled her group program. 

Your audience is savvy enough to go - hey, I wonder if there's something else out there besides what you're pitching. And then they asked. 

There are ways to showcase your offerings with content - but when it comes to FB Lives, Webinars, Masterclasses, and other videos - stick to the one offer rule.

When you focus on making that one offer. And you really show the value your offer and you bring to the table, people will buy what works for them in the moment.