The 13 Things You Should Know About Your Dream Client

Get to know your dream client is usually recommended as step one or step two in starting your own business. Why? Because in order to be successful as an entrepreneur you need to

  1. Have a product or service
  2. Have someone who will buy that product or service and
  3. Introduce the product or service to people who will buy it

And if you want to successfully accomplish #2 and #3 you have to know your dream client better than your bestie. Yup, that well. 

When you know more than your dream client's age, gender, HHI, and relationship status, you have the ability to craft messaging, create experiences, and write content that resonates with your target audience.

In fact, getting "intimate" with your dream client is the first step I suggest all coaches and consultants take when they are ready to create content to attract their dream clients.

Here are 13 things I think you should know about your dream client (aka ideal client aka target market, etc.) not in any particular order: 

  1. What their big dreams are!
  2. What's getting in the way of them having their big dream.
  3. What have they already tried. What helped and what didn't.
  4. Why this big dream is so important to them. What happens once the achieve that dream.
  5. How important is realizing this dream to them.
  6. How much time, energy, and money are they willing to invest to realize this dream.
  7. What does a day in the life look like for them.
  8. What social media platforms are they on. How do they use those platforms.
  9. What content they consume (books, tv programs, etc.). 
  10. How they learn (reading, writing, watching, hearing).
  11. What they want to learn from you.
  12. What influences their purchasing decisions.
  13. What is their personality. How do they speak. How they communicate with others. 


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