The Strategy Coaches Use To Grow Their Email List

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To grow your email list, Facebook group, social media channels, etc. you should have some quality tips and content to give away in exchange for your dream clients email address, Facebook contact information, etc. That's the strategy that most if not all coaches use to grow their trip. Free content in exchange for contact information. 

In the marketing world, we call a freebie a lead magnet. This could be a free worksheet, guide, webinar, training, etc. You are currently in the middle of a lead magnet. At some point, you gave me your email address to receive this content. That's what you're going to do for your dream clients.

Need ideas on what your lead magnet should be about? If someone is going to give you their contact information, the key is to focus on providing your dream client with content they want. Here are some ways to confirm what your dream client wants in a lead magnet (aka freebie). 

  • Post in Facebook Groups with a quick description of your ideal client and ask what their biggest challenge is (in the area that is relevant to your coaching biz) 
  • If you have anyone on your email list or in your Facebook Group already - ask them!
  • Reached out to current or past clients.
  • Ask people in your life who are your ideal client! Don't ask you mom or best friend unless they are 100% your dream client. 
  • Create a survey or a poll and shared it online in different places (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Pay close attention to what your dream clients is speaking about online and says they are struggling with. Read comments in Facebook Groups, on Instagram, etc.

Before you create your freebie - make sure it's relevant to your business and your current offerings. Once your dream client gets your freebie, you'll send them a sequence of emails, messages, etc. to continue to build your relationship with them. Then you'll invite them to work with you. 

Here are some ideas for your lead magnet aka freebie:

  • Live Video Training (I like to do these in my Facebook Group and send the details via email after people sign up)
  • Webinar
  • Free Report or Case Study (PDF )
  • An Email Course (that's what this is)
  • A Challenge 
  • Template/Checklist
  • Guide
  • Live Group Q&A Call With You 
  • Audio recording 
  • Workbook 

Now to create your freebie you don't need to be complicated - you can create it in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Create a Facebook Live and then download it, use Zoom, etc. 

Here is a short list of options for Creating Lead Magnets:

But to receive the email addresses of your dream clients, you'll need to create a lead page and have an email sequence. In an earlier blog post I shared how I use Leadpages to  create my leadpage and Drip for my email automation system. There are other options for your lead page (also known as opt-in) system. Check out 

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