Live a life you love! How to address what's stopping you from reaching your dreams!


Three months after I quit my job as Marketing Director for a Boston-based tech startup I found myself sitting on the wooden floor of my Back Bay apartment with a giant roll of white paper and a ton of different colored markers.

See before I found myself on a journey to fall madly in love with my life, I had spent well over a year being as close to hating my life as I had ever been.

There wasn't anything innately wrong with it. I lived in a great city, had friends, and loved the majority of my co-workers.
But I spent day after day pretending to be okay with working in a job that was sucking the soul out of me. A job that I allowed to take all the energy I had. I also was pretending to be ok with the state of my relationship status and not bothered by my weight gain.

But the day that I quit my job, all of that changed. The moment I turned in my noticed, I freed myself from the reoccurring thoughts that were stopping me from leaving a job I truly desired to leave. I had a belief that I had to work at a job for at least two years no matter what. I convinced myself to stay at a job that I was miserable in for this rule that I believed so strongly. The crazy thing was, I didn't even want to get another job afterwards, I wanted to work for myself.

And that was just one example. I had tons of beliefs and thoughts that were stopping me from writing that book, starting my business, going on that date, and so many more.
We all have them. The thoughts that stop us from taking an action towards what we truly desire. It could stop you from applying for that job you're interested in, from offering a potential client a discovery call, or from asking for help.
When I sat on my living room floor on the summer Boston day with my large roll of white paper, I was trying to get back in touch with what I truly desired, who I really am, and what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to love my life again. And what I ended up with was a process for transforming the thoughts that continuously played in my head and stopped me from doing things I really wanted to. I call these thoughts the inner soundtrack. The thoughts that are constantly playing in your head, even when you don't even notice it. Thoughts like am I good enough? When I loose weight, then I'll.... I need to know more before I... and so many more.

This inner soundtrack is so brilliant that many times you don't even realize it's playing all day. But it's there- stopping you from living a life you're madly in love with.
The good news is, over the course of your life - you've often times unknowingly created this soundtrack. Which means you can change it.

I am so grateful to have transformed the thought that I wasn't ready for entrepreneurship. That I needed to know more and have more experience. And to have transformed many thoughts after that. I've turned everything I discovered in my journey for self love after

If I hadn't, I wouldn't be able to offer you a brand new program called the Inner Soundtrack Remix.

I've decided to create a program that will make a HUGE impact in the way you treat yourself, others, and/or run your business.
I've just opened my new six week program Inner Soundtrack Remix for five people.

Over the course of six weeks we'll have six 1:1 calls designed for you to identify what's stopping you from having everything you desire, address your inner soundtrack of thoughts and beliefs, and then implement tools to remix the thoughts and beliefs. Plus you'll have time with me to actively take on a goal and transform the beliefs that have historically stopped you from achieving this goal in the past.

Quitting my job was my first step to changing my life. It was an investment in my future that I never thought would have such an amazing impact. If investing in yourself and working with me 1:1 feels like the next step you should make book a discovery call with me to get some coaching on what your inner soundtrack is playing and to see if working with me 1:1 is right for you.

Snag a coaching session on my calendar if you'd love to experience powerful coaching.

Nikki Nash