Does Your Coaching Business Have A Strategy?

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When I first started working with startups and solopreneurs, I watched some businesses succeed WILDLY and others struggle and ultimately close their doors. 

What set the two groups apart was having a marketing strategy that they were consistently committed too. 

The businesses that succeeded spent time thinking about their goals and mapped out a roadmap to accomplishing those goals that they stuck to.

Yes they made tweaks and changes along the way, but they didn't come up with a new product and launch it on a whim when they still had a product in the market that was still not bringing in the expected revenue.

Those that succeeded took the time to stick with their marketing plan, test what worked and what didn't, and then made changes along the way. 

They had what I call a S.O.L.I.D marketing strategy.

A high level plan on how they were going to hit their goals.  A S.O.L.I.D marketing strategy has 5 core elements. 

  1. A Sales system

  2. Their Offer roadmap

  3. Clear List prices

  4. They packaged their Intellectual Property

  5. They knew who their Dream Clients were & their hangout spots

Watch the video below to get S.O.L.I.D. strategy details. 

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