Why I Invested In Myself And My Business As A New Coach

Hi lovies! 

Happy New Year. I am so excited to hear what you guys are up to in 2017, what your intentions are.

I am about to head to the gym, but I really wanted to pop in here quickly, to just share something that I really got out of a meditation this morning. It really just inspired me to connect with all of you and share some thoughts for the year, and a little bit about my life in the past year.

What I'd love for you guys to get out of this conversation is that we live in abundant universe. For most of my life, I've had this mentality around there being enough. Like me being enough, and there being enough of time, and money, and love, and friendship, and really just always feeling this kind of scarcity.

When I started my business I had this mindset of being, "Oh my goodness, I need all these things. I need to spend money on certain things, but I don't have any money. What if money doesn't come in? How will I know that this will really work to get my ideal client?" I was almost paralyzed by thoughts, and by fears of if I spend this will it come back to me swiftly, or abundantly, or will I really see a return on this investment?

When I started coaching I connected with a friend who was also an entrepreneur. Someone who I really admire and had been in business at the time about four years. She was traveling the world and doing all of these amazing launches, and I was really seeing her business take off. So we sat down for a coffee chat where I was able to pick her brain on how to have a successful coaching biz.  We spoke about what she would have done differently when she was just starting out and how she was able to live the lifestyle that she dreamed when she went out to start her own business and make good money doing it.

The biggest take-away from our conversation is "You don't have to suffer to succeed." and that "suffering in business is a choice." And she suggested that I take actions to shift my mindset around investing in myself and investing in my business. That's probably one of the biggest things that's made a difference for me in my career as a coach. I really understood that when you have the mindset that I have to be a "starving artist" before I hit success was something I choose to believe. 

I did not want to suffer and struggle through entrepreneurship. That doesn't mean I wanted to avoid challenges or risks. It just meant that I wanted the mindset that anything is possible and I just needed to take actions and trust the Universe for it to happen.  From the beginning I made the choice to invest in both myself and in my business. "What did that mean?" I knew that I needed to grow my email list to sell products and packages online, so I invested in Facebook ads early on. It's not necessarily something everybody needs to do off the bat, but my background is in marketing and media planing and buying so this felt like a good move for me. I also hired a business coach that I trusted , that honestly, I had no idea how I was going to pay for every single payment, but it always came through. 

I also started hiring a VA. Why? Because I wanted to grow quickly and I only could do but so much at one time. Those were where I choose to invest in my business and I don't recommend it for everyone. I used credit cards and manifested money to pay my bills. But the reason I am sharing this with you today is because often times when you're trying to get that first client, or that second client, or your next client so badly, you end up stressing out about it and you don't get it, and you say to yourself "None of this is working." But what I soon realized is that when you take a step back and instead of investing time and stress and energy in trying to figure it out by yourself, you can instead just take the time to meditate and ask the Universe for guidance.

My best ideas come when I'm not in front of my computer typing away. It's when I find the balance between hustling and letting go, the magic happens. Now you don't need to meditate if you don't like it, but I do recommend stepping away from work at the very least every day. If you like to go to the gym, go to the gym. If you like to run, run. If you like to do yoga, do yoga. Just really invest time and energy in yourself, because when you are your freshest and most calm self, you (and The Universe) are able to come up with what to do next. I truly believe that deep within you, you know what actions to take for yourself and for your business, and that you should really trust yourself. 

Crafting a mindset routine is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. It is through the practice of standing still that you're able to work through any challenges that come your way vs suffering through them. I don't believe there's a one size fits all approach to mindset routines and I do believe there's a routine that works for everyone - it just need to be discovered. If you would like support designing a mindset routine that works best for you - snag a mindset chat (limited availability) with me here or pop into my Facebook Group and let's talk about it! 



Nikki Nash