4 Types Of Content To Position Yourself As An Expert

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More and more people are realizing that their knowledge, stories, expertise, and experiences have value. 

That what they have spent time, money, and effort studying can actually have value beyond their 9 to 5.

That their experiences good and bad can change the world. 

That if some of the 7 billion people on the planet could learn from their life experiences or follow their roadmap to success there is value.

That if people struggle with what comes natural to you, that you can become a go to expert in it. That you can monetize your genius. 

But this article is for the people who aren't already considered an expert in an industry or field that excites them. 

Maybe you've already spent years studying the subject you want to be an expert in. Maybe you have a big dream of being an expert in an industry you have zero experience in. 

Either way, I'm going to walk you through four ways you can create content that will position you as an expert. 



1. Research, Learn, Teach!

One big mistake I see people make is feeling that they have to wait 10 years to start positioning themselves as an expert. The truth is, you can get started right now even if you have zero experience in the field. 

Have you ever noticed how many of your professors in college may not have actually worked in the field they are teaching you about. They likely have a PhD and have done a ton of research, but depending on the topic, they may have never worked in the field. 

I remember when I was earning my MBA, I had a professor who had spent his entire career in academia, and he was an expert in certain business fields having never had a job outside of teaching. 

What he did was research, learn, and then teach. And because he knew a lot more than I did in certain areas (because he researched the heck out of it), he was considered an expert. 

So if there is an industry you want to be an expert in, and you want to start positioning yourself as an expert today. Start!

Research, Learn, and then start teaching.

And don't research and learn for 50 years. Pick the industry you want to be known for, spend a few days to a week researching a small subset of the topic. Let's call it a micro subject. Then share what you've learned. Write a blog post. Go live on Facebook or Instagram. Share your newly found knowledge with the world and start positioning yourself as an expert.

If you want to be known as a beauty expert. Do a Facebook Live on what makes a good eyeliner or another micro topic that you can research and start sharing about today!

2. Interview Other Experts!

Have you ever noticed that you can become an expert by association. Think about a stereotypical high school or middle school. People have a certain view of you based on who you are spending your time with. 

The same holds true in becoming an expert.

Create a weekly show. It could be a podcast, it could be a written blog series, it could be a Facebook Live series and every week interview someone who is an expert in your industry. 

You'll start being seen as the go to person for the topic you want to be known in because you have been interviewing people associated with the industry. And the best part, you'll be learning a long the way. 

As you ask people questions, you'll learn from their answers. This will provide you with more knowledge on the topic as well. 

3. Associate Yourself With Thought Leader Publications!

There's a reason why people are excited to have an article published in Forbes, Inc., or other thought leader publications.

Just like the high school analogy from earlier, writing for certain publications increases your cred.  

Make a list of publications that cover the subject you want to be known for and pitch writing for them. The worst they could say is no, and the best thing that could happen is that you can leverage your article to increase your credibility.  

4. Indoctrinate Others into Your Way of Thinking

If you've been in the industry a while you often develop a strong point of view (POV). Having this POV is a great way to position yourself as an expert. 

Think about people who have said content is queen or content is king (the first people to say it). Their point of view spread not only positioned them as experts but created a movement. 

So what is your belief or point of view? 

Start creating content that transforms the way people think about your industry. The more you share your point of view with others, the more you're seen as someone who has an expertise. 

It doesn't matter where you are, you can start positioning yourself as an expert today.

The more you embrace your expertise and the industry in which you want to be an expert in, the more people will come to you for your knowledge and advice! 

I've asked a countless number of people what they would do differently if they could go back in time and start all over as an expert and almost everyone said - I would have started earlier!

Now is your time to be known for your brilliance!