How To Create Products Your Clients Will Love


How do you know what your client wants? 
What's the special formula? 
The secret? 
Will anyone ever know? 

I do. 

I know exactly what they want and I'll tell you how I know. 
It's actually so simple that it might sound complicated. 
But I promise you it's not. 

Know how I know exactly what my clients want? 

That's right - I spend time asking my dream clients what they want
(what they really really want)
and then they tell me what they want
(what they really really want)
Then I create it,
have a few clients test it out,
get feedback and make any edits,
and then I release it.

Is that groundbreaking information?
It shouldn't be but sometimes it feels like it is! 

It really is not super complicated.
But here is the kicker: there are so many times that I see entrepreneurs ask people for feedback but they're not asking their dream clients. They're asking friends or people in the industry.

So before you before you implement my tips & tricks for knowing what your dream client wants, make sure you are actually asking your dream client! 
The people that if they said yes to working with you, you'd be ecstatic.

Now how do you find out if you'd like to work with a person?
Send them a survey first to help determine if they are in the dreamy business category.

Ways I Find Out What My Dream Clients Want: 

  • Video / Phone Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Polls in my Facebook Group
  • Ask Questions in my Facebook Group
  • Read Comments my Facebook Group

After completing one or more of these tasks, I go through all of the information and look for themes. I jot down the exact words that continue to pop up in a number of interviews, surveys, etc. and I use all of this to really get into the world of my dream client and identify what they're currently challenged with.

I then give them a solution, packaged in a way that they want to receive it.
This could be in the form of a coaching package, a group program, a self-study course, all of the above. I simply give my dream clients what they want with a caveat (or two):
1. It has to feel good to me,
2. It has to be something I am truly excited about creating,
3. And it has to be something that I know will truly support my dream clients.

What I mean by that is: If all of my dream clients say their biggest challenge is finding an outfit to wear during their Facebook Lives, then I'd send them over to my stylist Kate Taylor. ;)


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Nikki Nash