How To Run Your Business Like The Badass You Are!

One of my mentors said something to me that changed my world. She said that people are different ages in different areas of their life.

Now let that marinate for a little bit. 

Essentially what she was saying is that no matter what your actual age, you can be one age in relationships, one age in business, and one age in spirituality.

Why did this realization have such an impact on me? Well, at the time my 14 year old self was running my business. Now I'm not sure what you were like at 14 - but I would never give 14 year old Nikki Nash a coaching business. 

Now having this realization provided me with some space to accept and understand the mistakes that I've made. And then I was able to run my business like my TRUE badass self. 

So if you want to run your business like a badass I recommend the following steps:

1. Ask yourself - who is running your business. Really.

  • Take a look at the actions you are taking in your business, starting your business, or not starting your business.  Are those the actions of a 5 year old, 15 year old, 30 year old, 50 year old?
  • Really listen to the thoughts that come up when you're about to take actions in your business. And get curious. Are those the thoughts of a 5 year old, 15 year old, 30 year old, 50 year old?
  • Know that this doesn't mean anything. Said another way. Just because your 5 year old self is running your business doesn't mean you're doomed. this is just an exercise to bring awareness to your default. Knowing that if I didn't have certain systems in place - teenage Nikki would go spend wayyyy more of the revenue than was needed. #YouveGotThis

2. Ask yourself - who do you need to be in order to run the business of your dreams.

  • Write a list of people you admire. They could be fellow entrepreneurs, celebrities, people only you know. 
  • Under each person you admire - write a list of the qualities that you admire from them. 
  • Know that everything that exists in in the people you admire - exists within you!
  • Visualize yourself as the BADASS Business Owner You Want To Be.

3. Get HONEST with yourself and start taking action. 

  • Now that you know who is running your business, and who you would like to be running your business - it's time to start letting the BADASS you are run the show. 
  • Take a real look at your business. And be honest with yourself. Where can your true badass self (the person with the qualities you so admire) show up?
  • Make a list of actions that your BADASS self needs to take in order to run your business the way you desire. Do you need to send emails to potential clients? do that Facebook Live you've been avoiding? hire a team member? Write down the actions that need to happen for your business. Prioritize them. And start putting the actions that need to happen in your calendar.
  • Know that it's a journey not a sprint. Not everything will happen at once. But a true badass is compassionate with herself when she makes mistakes, is consistent with her mindset, and takes actions despite all of the fears that come up.

Here are 5 actives every Badass Business Owner should take on every day.

  1. A Mindset Practice.
  2. Grow Your Tribe.
  3. Nurture Your Tribe.
  4. Book Discovery Calls.
  5. Have (or Practice) Sales Conversations. 

You've got this!



Nikki Nash