You don't need all of those marketing tactics to grow your biz!


One of the conversations that I have with people often is - If your business is virtual, How the heck do you reach potential clients?

Or A Comment like “You mean a strangers pay you money online???”

But my favorite question on the topic of signing clients online is “How do you attract people who are willing to invest in themselves and their business through online marketing”?

That’s why I created this video. To share with you what it takes to connect, engage, and convert ideal clients online.

Watch the video below!

If you want to sign clients online - add value to people's lives. Build relationships. Give them amazing content and then invite them to have a free coaching session with you. Then schedule a discovery call with them to see if investing in coaching is right for them. Keep It SIMPLE!

And if I could give you one big piece of advice, be patient. It took me 2 - 3 months of adding value consistently before people I wasn't personally connected to invested in coaching with me. Before that it was based on referrals and people in my personal network. If you would love support in creating content that adds value into your dream client's lives - join my Facebook group Badass Coaches Club. Each week I give free trainings and answer your questions so that you can grow your business and live a life your'e MADLY in love with!

Nikki Nash