Why you're not signing new clients


I had a conversation recently about what it takes to bring on new clients.

It wasn't the first time I've had such a conversation and it won't be the last.


Because for many of us, we are trained to believe that bringing on new clients is hard,
that it takes a lot of work,
and that you need a bigger list, or a Facebook Group or YouTube channel to bring on new clients.

The truth is - most people are not bringing in new clients because they are not focusing their actions on bringing in new clients.

Now you may be screaming I'm wrong at this point. And I totally get it.
I've been there.

I remember when I first started my business how hard I worked and still no new clients came in.

I also remember signing my first client,
and the second client
who both came in the same week!

And when I tell you I was basically on vacation that week, I'm not even joking.

With one client, I hopped on the phone quickly to discuss their business and after about two minutes I said, "I don't normally do this, but everything you going through? I've been there and I've built a business to support women just like you so that you can build a business you love without spinning in circles."

Now I had been doing free content strategy sessions, discovery calls, coaching sessions for months and had 0 clients. 

I spent 20 minutes on the phone with this potential client,
said I could support her,
told her about my business and BAM-- 

she said she wanted to work with me.

Want to know what made this call so different from any of my others?

I invited someone to work with me. 

And how was I able to do that?
I trusted the Universe that my ideal clients would come to me. 
I did my mindset work everyday,
I did my free content regularly (Facebook Lives, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, etc.)
and I practiced sales conversations.

Fast forward 3 days later and I had another discovery call where a person said yes to working with me and signed up.

That was a 100% success rate with my discovery calls that week!
And what I learned that week early in my coaching business still holds true for my business today:
When I do my mindset routine consistently,
take inspired actions,
and ask people to work with me,
I sign new clients.

So if you're not bringing in new clients, ask yourself, have you been doing your mindset work? 
Have you been taking inspired ACTIONS to bring on new clients?
Have you been inviting people to work with you?

If you can honestly tell me that you've been spending months focusing 90 - 100% of your business actions on mindset, having conversations with potential clients, and inviting them to work with you and you're still not bringing on new clients, we may need to revisit who your ideal client is, your services, and your packaging.

But I would assert that while you are working your butt off in your business, you may be spending more time trying to figure out
if you should do a group program,
launch an online course,
watching videos to learn something new,
reading the emails (like this one) you've signed up for,
marketing your business than inviting people to get to know you via a free consultation,
or call and then inviting them to buy a package.

Trust me - there's nothing wrong with doing any of these things.
I do many of these things still today.

But if you want a new result, taking new actions is required.
And ask yourself: If you could be completely focused on signing on and contributing to new amazing clients that you love, what would that be like for you?
How would you get to experience yourself and your business? 

So I invite you to spend time today on your mindset routine.
Read a wealth consciousness book,
listen to a guided meditation,
go to the gym,
a yoga class
or all of the above.
Then reach out to people who fit your dream client profile and invite them to have a free conversation with you.

At the end of it, ask them how the session was for them and if they'd like to have a further conversation about working together.
Or better yet, ask them if they'd be interested in working with you.

Then repeat until you sign a new client.

P.S. It's not always as easy as
1.) Mindset
2.) Free Call
3.) Sales Conversation.
A potential client needs to trust you before they're willing to pay you moolah.

That's why I'm such a big advocate for content creation!
There will also be many many many times where you'd like support and mentorship. That's why I have my own coaches.

7 Steps to Dream Client Image.png

So how do you create exciting new content often?

Check out my free 7 Steps to Attract Your Dream Client guide to find out for yourself !

Nikki Nash