Natalie, Life Coach

...Nikki is a catalyst for change, very insightful, and committed. Working with Nikki was a great experience that highlighted areas I needed help in that I didn't even know about.

Rachel Reva.jpg

Rachel, PR Specialist

She gives you strategy, marketing skills, all with a delightful personality...Stop wasting time trying to figure your business out for yourself and work with her. She’s incredible.

Rachel Burch.jpg

Rachel, Life Coach

What Nikki does is pure magic. She takes all the thoughts and ideas that are swirling around in your head and strewn across your desk on post in notes and hands it to you with a big red bow! She’s like the fairy godmother of content creation.

Georgina Ackerman.jpg

Georgina, Drama-therapist & Mindset Coach

...I had an extra 20 people sign up to work with me. She's excellent , honest , bold & challenging. Nikki gives you her best. She's so intuitive & intelligent a real gift to the industry!


Brandi, Photographer & Videographer

...she helped me get up to speed, learn how to treat my business like a business (instead of a hobby), & most importantly, helped me have major breakthroughs around what was really calling me in my business.


Emyrald, Relationship Coach

After working with Nikki I feel confident and sure of myself in the online world. Social Media no longer overwhelms me. I'm clear on my paid offerings... Nikki really understands marketing and helps take the overwhelm out of it all. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Nikki.