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Market Your Genius

Wondering How To Make Money From Your Genius?

If all of your knowledge, your experiences, and your education could make you money doing something other than working a full-time job?

The truth is there are people out there looking for information you have. Who are wondering how to live a healthier life, create more money, build better relationships, have more fun, feel more confident, and so much more. 

There are experts and thought leaders who are making money everyday from their knowledge and experiences. They are impacting the lives of others with their advice, their strategies, and their systems. 

There are experts that are making six, seven, and eight figures ever day. They've packaged, monetized, and marketing their knowledge and experiences into profitable online products. 

And this course is designed to help you do the same. 

Over the course of six weeks, you'll meet with me in a classroom / workshop setting to turn your expertise into online products.

In this course you'll...

  • Create A Digital Product or Service That You Can Start Selling 
  • Get Clear On Who Your Audience Is & Discover Where They're Spending Their Time Online
  • Design & Implement Your Sales Process & Funnel So That You Can Turn Your Audience Into Customers
  • Build Your Audience
  • Create A 90 Day Content Plan So That You Know What To Post When 
  • Create A Client Converting Masterclass or Webinar 

In our time together, you'll get everything you need to package, monetize, and sell your online product or service so that you can, generate an additional stream of income, have an exit plan for your 9 to 5, or build something that you're excited and passionate about.

So who is this course for?

Anyone who is interested in turning their experiences and expertise into an online course, membership site, consulting business, coaching business, seminars or events, or mastermind program. 

When will we meet?

  1. May 23rd from 6:30 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
  2.  May 30th from 6:30 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
  3. June 6th from 6:30 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
  4. June 13th from 6:30 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
  5. June 20th from 6:30 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
  6. June 27th from 6:30 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST

What if I have to miss a session? 

Missing a session, it's not the end of the world!

You'll receive short videos each week to support you in building your online empire each week.

Our time together will primarily be to answer questions, get feedback on your work, and go over any topics in more detail.

You'll have a mastermind parter or small group who can fill you in on what you missed, and once the course is over, you'll receive the online version of this program which will

What is the investment?

The price for this course is $997 when paid in full or four bi-weekly payments of $275. 

If on the payment plan, you'll be charged $275: 

  1. When you register for the course
  2. On May 30th
  3. On June 15th
  4. On June 30th