scale your marketing with ease

I work with established authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and influencers to launch, grow and scale online businesses.


If You Are So Ready, I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Help You...

01. Captivate the attention of potential clients, customers, and fans.

02. Position Yourself As A Go-To Expert & Build An Online Following.

03. Multiply Your Level of Impact & Your Monthly Income.


Transform the way you do business!

This Is Not Your Standard Mentoring Program! We'll Work Together To:

  • Creating online marketing strategies that builds your positioning as the go to expert so that you attract speakerships, book deals, strategic partnerships and other opportunities. 
  • Designing a content marketing strategy (inclusive of search and social media) that helps you build an audience online.
  • Identifying key metrics of success for your business and create a simple monitoring dashboard to track progress overtime so you can make smart business decisions.
  • Developing a brand and marketing message that attracts your dream clients like crazy.
  • Create systems and structures that attract your dream audience and invites them to buy on autopilot. 
  • Developing your marketing action plan so that you know what activities to prioritize and implement to reach your goals.
  • Building a 30 day editorial calendar. No longer worry about what to post where and when.
  • Streamlining your goals, objectives, and offerings so that you stay focused on activities that will yield the largest results. 
  • Turn your experiences and expertise into online products and services that fit with your desired work schedule.
  • Optimize your marketing activities to increase your conversions so that you can reach more people and make more money from your existing activities. 

ready to AMPLIFY your impact?

Generate More Money So That You Can Create An Even BIGGER Impact!


If you're accepted, weโ€™ll work together to...

01, Refine your message and create a marketing strategy to share it with the world.

02. Deliver content that captivates your audience and connects you with quality leads.

03. Turn your experiences and expertise into products and services that generates wealth for you personally and professionally.

And so much more...


Are you a highly motivated entrepreneur with a service based business? I've worked with a variety of entrepreneurs, such as...


















Want Continuous Support?

90 day mentorship program

(A $2,500/mo)

  • Monthly Support. Have ongoing access to me for support in scaling your business. I take on a limited amount of ongoing private clients so that my brain can focus on your business and what will best support you in generating the best results. As a private client, I'll keep my eyes on your business, will connect you with my personal network when relevant, and will share new trends I learn and discover on a regular basis.
  • Unlimited 30 minute calls (subject to schedule availability). Need to discuss your metrics? Brainstorm your next content piece? Adjust your online game plan? Get out of your own head? I dedicate time for my monthly clients to snag time with me on my calendar when they need it most.
  • Quick connects via messenger and voice memo. Have a quick question or want me to check out a document you've just sent? Get rapid feedback via messenger or voice memo.
  • Content and strategy review and feedback. Have a special folder where you can submit documents for feedback within 48 hours. Working on a new sales page? Mapping out a video series? Feel confident that your marketing communication will resonate with your audience. 

Let's spend the day togegther!

full day intensive

(A $6,000 Investment*)

  • Full Day Intensive in In Person (see available locations below) or Virtually. During the intensive we'll deign your marketing strategy, up-level your brand, create a content game plan, map out offerings and business systems, set 90 day goals, and identify key metrics (Travel and accommodations not included. Virtual intensives are split into two days).
  • 30 Minute Pre-Intensive Prep Call. To prepare for our time together, we'll identify the goals and objectives of our intensive, discuss current status of your business, and answer any questions.
  • 30 Minute Post-Intensive Call. During our post intensive call, we'll discuss action items that resulted from our intensive and answer any questions.
  • Marketing Strategy and Action Plan. Have a customized marketing strategy and game plan that is designed to help you reach your goals and objectives.
  • Editorial Calendar. No longer struggle to identify what content you should share with your audience. Know what to post when (and where) with a customized editorial calendar. 
  • Metrics Dashboard. Know how your marketing campaigns are doing and make educated decisions about your campaigns thanks to a simple analytics dashboard customized for your business.  

* Payment plans available upon request.

So When & where Can we meet face to face?

Book An In Person Intensive In Your Favorite City

Intensives are booked on a rolling basis (first come first serve) so get your application in today. 

New York - August 8 - 13, September 1, October 12 -18, November 6-14, December 20-31

Philadelphia - August 8-13, September 1, October 12-18

Boston - October 1st

Los Angeles - October 8th - 10th

San Francisco - October 22nd - 23rd, October 30th

Boulder, Colorado - November 13th - 14th

Palm Beach, Florida - November 6-14, December 1-18

London - February, 2019