An Incubator for Female Solopreneurs Who Desire To Scale Their Business To Six Figures & Beyond!

01. Create a business model and offers that provide incredible value for your clients and customers!

02. Multiply the amount of revenue you generate in your business in each quarter!

03. Generate consistent leads and sales for your business so that you can support your dream audience AND generate wealth in your business!.



  • You who want the latest strategies, implementation plans, and tools for scaling your business to multiple six figures.

  • You desire a community of entrepreneurs who are there to support you on your journey and partner with along this journey. As a community we raise and fall together!

  • You have already seen success in your career or business and are looking to connect with other people who have common values, are highly motivated, and are able to support you in reaching a new level of success.

  • You are willing to do the work it takes to create quantum leaps in your business.

  • You have an active coaching or creative businesses that you love and are excited for the next milestone of your business.

  • You want to a consistent flow of leads, clients, and income in your business.

  • You want to stop spending all of your time working in your business and start working on your big vision.

  • You want exclusive access to Nikki & her team.

  • You truly enjoy making an impact in the lives of others and value the energy exchange of money for your services.

MOMENTUM is NOT for You If…

  • You are looking for a magic pill to solve their business problems and make success happen.

  • You don’t want to do the work to grow their business.

  • You are just launching your business and haven’t had any clients yet.

  • You are not interested in offering high ticket experiences.

  • You are not interested in investing in your own growth and development.

  • You are not committed to changing your habits and your mindset.

  • You know in your gut that now is not the time to seek this type of mentoring.

Here’s the skinny, this program is a five figure investment!

And it’s focused on you getting RESULTS and ENJOYING THE PROCESS.

Throughout this program, you will be required to put what you learn into action and share your results with Nikki and other members of the program.

You’ll share what’s working and what’s not working in your business with other members of the group.

And you’ll grow quickly not just from what you learn from Nikki and her team, but from what you learn from each other.

Here’s what we’ll work on:

  • Restructuring your business model and/or systems so that you can free up your schedule AND powerfully serve your clients or customers!

  • Building your platform and following!

  • Implementing systems and structures that will help your business run smoothly and in some instances automatically!

  • Creating habits of high performers and high earners so that you can create real momentum in your business!

  • Mastering marketing and sales so that you sell out of your products and/or services!

  • Multiplying the revenue you generate in your business!

  • Building your dream team and support system!

  • And so much more!

Momentum is a 3 year incubator with a 12 month commitment. What does that mean? That means that when you’re accepted, the commitment period is 12 months. Members can continue their membership so that they can to hit new milestones in their business, receive new live trainings, learn from new guest experts, and expand with a community of like-minded people.