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get paid being your badass self!

Confidently turn your experiences & expertise into a business that’s creating happier, stronger, and powerful humans.

It’s time to Market Your Genius Baby!

Confidently turn your experiences & expertise into
online products & services!

Market Your Genius is your step by step game plan for monetizing your message, creating unlimited income, & making an impact.






Make an Impact and Get Paid Sharing Your Advice With The World!

This program not only helps you find clarity, but gives you the strategies and tools needed to design and execute your roadmap to success.

The truth is, there are many ways you could build a profitable business. In Market Your Genius, you’ll identify the business model and strategies that are in alignment with the vision you have for your life and for your business. In this program, you will take actionable steps to turn that vision into reality.

Market Your Genius is designed so that you can create a business and a life you’re MADLY in love with!

You are here because you want to make a difference in this world. You are here because you have a desire to to use your gifts and knowledge to help others succeed.

But turning your talents into a profitable business not only requires a sense of clarity, but a roadmap to success that is executed with consistent action.


IT’S TIME TO Get paid being your badass self!

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FInally launch the business you've been dreaming about!

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Everything You Need to Package, Monetize, and Promote Your Genius


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What's Included In MARKET YOUR GENIUS? Here Are Things We’ll Cover:

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Position Yourself As A Go-To Expert

• Get clear on the impact you want to make in this world.

• Discover who you desire to serve and the customers you want to work with over and over again.

• Create your roadmap to positioning yourself as the go to expert in your area of genius.

• Uncover what makes you unique and differentiates you in the marketplace.

Know Your Dream Customers So Well You Can’t Help But Attract Them Like Crazy!

• Get to know your dream clients and customers better than your bestie.

• Use simple systems and tools to identify who your dream customers really are so your marketing has them saying “get out of my head”.

• Gain clarity on your dream customers biggest dreams and challenges so that you can create products, services, and content, that changes their life.

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Design Unique Systems And Frameworks

• Gain clarity on your unique process for taking your dream clients from where they are right now, to where they want to be.

• Create simple systems and frameworks that easily communicates your mission and methods.

• Use your experiences and stories to display how your system can transform the life of your dream customer.

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Create And Deliver Products Your Dream Customers Can’t Get Enough Of

• Create your long-term product roadmap so that you service your dream audience across price points overtime

• Gain clarity on the structure of your first offer and design it for the success of your dream customer.

• Get paid what your worth! Learn how to price and position your signature offer so that it sells like crazy.

Build A Marketing Game Plan That Attracts Clients Like Crazy

• Create a marketing strategy that magnetizes dream clients towards you.

• Identify where you should be spending your time online so that you’re not left overwhelmed and spread too thin.

• Design your very own marketing game plan so that you are spending time where your dream clients are, capturing their attention, turning them into leads, and generating sales for your business.

• Build a simple dashboard for tracking the performance of your marketing activity consistently so that you can make educated business decisions.

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Master Sales Without the Ick

• Learn what questions to ask so that you and your prospective client can powerfully choose if working together is the right next step.

• Set you sales conversations up for success so that you and your potential client show up prepared and excited to chat.

• Master generating sales with (and without) sales conversations so that you can scale your sales process for lower touch programs and confidently sell higher end programs with one phone conversation


Generate Leads For Your Business On And Offline!

• Develop free offers that stand out in the marketplace, attracts leads for your business, and help you build a community of raving fans.

• Create an automated follow up sequence that takes your potential leads from consuming your freebie to investing in your products or services online.

• Discover the campaigns that highly paid experts are using to build their communities, make an impact, and make a profit.

Develop A Strong Relationship With A Community Of Raving Fans

• Captivate the attention of your dream customers with powerful messaging and content that changes their lives!

• Put simple systems in place to take the overwhelm, stress, and confusion out of social media and sharing content online.

• Learn my simple structure for mapping out your content plan in a matter of minutes so that you can build powerful relationships with potential clients online.

• Learn how to grab the attention of your dream customer with messages that speak to their mind and their soul.

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Amplify Your Message and Scale Your Reach!

• Get my secrets to consistently getting your message in front of new potential leads every day For FREE!.

• Learn how to build and leverage relationships with other businesses and brands so that you can connect with more people and make a bigger impact.

• Understand the value of investing time, energy, and money into scaling your message and discover which method works best for your business and your wallet.

On one of my Facebook lives, I got over 40 comments! This is the most interaction I’ve ever had on a Facebook live and I attribute it to Nikki’s guidance to get interaction on the live!
— Emyrald Sinclaire, Relationship Coach

Plus you’ll receive these bonuses:

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Nikki Nash Marketing Mentor

Hey I'm Nikki --

Marketing Mentor To High Achieving Women On A Mission To Change The World.

For over a decade, I spent my days focused on getting promoted, working for amazing companies, and making more and more money.  I was seeking the happiness that I thought would come when “I made it”, but the truth is, I was using someone else definition of “making it”. 

I wanted to make a difference in a way that felt right for me. And I didn’t find it at InStyle, Coca-Cola, Intel, or Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. I found it right here. Spreading my message that anyone can create a life they’re MADLY in love with and helping other badass women find their voice and spread their own message. 

I am here to support you in achieving your goals, executing your mission, growing an amazing business, and living a life you’re MADLY in love with.

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What Makes This Program Different?

Market Your Genius is a 7-week online learning program designed for entrepreneurs who want to start and grow a meaningful experts business sharing their passions and knowledge with the world. It was designed by Nikki Nash veteran marketer who’s worked for Fortune 100 companies and tech startups, taught online marketing courses to entrepreneurs and marketing professionals around the world, and has built her own profitable online business. This program will run live from January 1st until February 19th and will include 7 Modules AND 8 Q&A Calls!

What if I Need More Than 7 Weeks?

Learn At Your Own Pace! Since you’ll have lifetime access to Market Your Genius, you can go through a new module each week it’s released or take your time between modules and work with a schedule that’s best for you.

How Much Time Should I Dedicate To The Program?

Each module comes with videos (no more than 20 minutes each) and workbooks so that you can not only learn how to build and expand your business but track and manage the actions you take.

Since this program is all about being in ACTION, we recommend you dedicate at least 4 - 5 hours a week on building your online business.

While videos and workbooks can be completed on trains, planes, the passenger seats of automobiles and even boats - we recommend that the bulk of your time is spent putting what you’ve learned in action.

How long will I have access to the materials?

You'll have lifetime access to all material. As long as this course still exists, you'll have access. Ready to implement an additional marketing campaign? Starting a new business? Want to tweak your already existing game plan? Whatever the reason, you’ll be able to revisit modules or retake the program over and over again for as long as the program exists.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Nikki 1.png

Market Your Genius has everything you need to package, monetize, and promote your genius into products and services for your business. You’ll get the exact strategies I work with my $10K+ clients on implementing. AND if for some reason you aren’t loving the program, I’ll gladly give you a full refund as long as you’re within 30 days.







1 PAYMENT OF $697 (SAVE $194)

Earnings Disclaimers: We don't believe in "get rich" programs. Our programs are intended to help you share your experiences and expertise with a wider audience, to make a difference in the world, and/or to grow your personal brand. Our programs take work, commitment, and discipline. Please do not enroll in our programs if you believe in "money for nothing" or "get rich quick" programs; we only want people who are serious and committed to real personal and professional development and who want to add value to the lives of others.

As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies.