Recommended Business Tools!

When I started my business, I tried a number of different tools and systems to help me bring my message to the world. There are a few platforms that I love and highly recommend. Below are a list. Full disclosure, I’m an affiliate for most of the brands listed below meaning that I may receive perks for you using my link. That being said, I only recommend tools that I personally love and use to grow my business.


Kajabi can be your one stop shop for your website, opt-in pages, email marketing, sales pages, and program delivery - or you can connect it with your favorite tools! Do the 28 day Kajabi challenge to get a 4-weeks of Kajabi free and start building your tribe! Click the button to start your trial.

Business cards & printed materials

Looking to create & order business cards, stickers, postcards, or other printed materials for your business? I highly recommend Upload your designs for quality prints or use one of their beautiful templates.


From automatically sending your audience emails or advertisements based on their actions to sending out your weekly newsletter, ActiveCampaign is a powerful email & marketing service provider that grows with your business.


Need support staying accountable? In planning out how to achieve your big dreams? The Self Journal is my favorite planning and accountability tool for hitting my goal. Plus Best Self creates other tools & resources to help you create a life you’re MADLY in love with!