Double Your Revenue In 90 Days!

Let’s generate more influence, more leads, and more revenue for your business than in the next few months than you averaged over the last few years!

Introducing Revenue Surge!

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Here’s the deal -

Most entrepreneurs spend their time trying to do too many things that are not generating revenue for their business in the now.

I totally get it. I've been there. Thinking I needed to learn something knew, update my sales page first, spend a month creating a webinar. And It's not that learning, sales pages, and webinars don't have their place in your business growth. It's that if you want to generate good money now so that you can then start scaling your business you have to stay in consistent action.


You Don’t Need To Study More BEFORE YOU TAKE ACTION! 


You don’t need more information to succeed, and you don’t need a crazy long to do list to succeed, you just need to take strategic and inspired actions consistently.

The good news is, I designed this to support my clients in generating revenue for their business AND positioning them as an influencer and authority in the marketplace.

With me it’s about building relationships with potential clients in a way that’s enjoyable for you.

Let’s work together to build your tribe, grow your following, generate leads for your business, and position you as the go-to expert in your industry!

This Is More Than Possible For You!

How do I know?


My Clients Have Transformed Their Business!

My clients have...

  • signed four-figure+ clients by focusing on one strategy and using just one social media channel consistently!
  • created $10K+ months for themselves by remaining in action! 
  • launched and filled their group programs with dream clients!
  • positioned themselves as go-to speakers and experts on their area of expertise!

They are no different than you!


When You Strategically Use Content To Build Relationships And Make Connections - You Can Drastically Surge Your Revenue!


In fact, consistently creating content in a certain way has helped me consistently generate four and five figure clients.


Imagine Creating A Revenue Surge For Your Business.


Imagine Actively Building Relationships With Potential Clients And Generating more money for your business in 90 days that you have in the last 9 months.


How do we do it?

Together we’ll…

  • Create Your Online (And Offline) Business Strategy

  • Amplify Your Core Message And Brand Positioning Through Strategic Content Creation

  • Build Relationships With Dream Clients And Enroll Them Into Premium Packages

  • Generate Quality Leads And Surge Revenue For Your Business


If You…

X Are Looking For A Lot Of Heavy Training And Information On How Content Works

X Don’t Want To Create Content For Your Business

X Don’t Want To Build Strong Relationships With Your Dream Clients

X Want To Build A Funnel, Send Facebook Ads To Them, And Call It A Day

X Are Looking For A Magic Pill

X Make Decisions Slowly


Then this program is not for you.


Here’s Who It Is For!


If You...

√ Have A Message You Desire To Share In A Big Way That Can Add Value To Other People’s Lives.

√ Are Committed To Making An Impact In This World!

√ Are Ready To Consistently Be In ACTION Growing Your Business.

√ Want A Customized Strategy For Your Business To Reach Your Goals And Objectives.

√ Would Love A Simple Marketing Game Plan That Connects You With Your Dream Clients.

√ Are Ready To Invest Time, Energy, And Money Into Growing And Developing Your Business.

√ Can't wait to SURGE your revenue...

Then let's connect!

This Program Includes:

  • One (1) Two Hour Intensive
  • Participation In A 90 Day Revenue Generation Game
  • Three (3) Month Access To Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime Access To Badass Coaches Academy
  • Private Facebook Group 

The Investment: $7,500 USD*

Receive A 20% discount when you Pay In full!

Special Bonuses For Month Of February!

  • Branded Lead Magnet
  • Branded Opt-in Page
  • Simple Sales Funnel (Email Sequence And/Or Facebook Messenger Bot Sequence)


"My mentorship with Nikki was truly life changing...The advice and support she gave me was priceless, and I am so grateful to have worked with a coach as patient and encouraging as her." Brandi D. 

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" What Nikki does is pure magic. She takes all the thoughts and ideas that are swirling around in your head and strewn across your desk on post in notes and hands it to you with a big red bow! She’s like the fairy godmother of content creation."