"My mentorship with Nikki was truly life changing. We met at one of her workshops, and when I decided to go full-time freelance, I knew I wanted to work with her again. I came to her having zero business knowledge, and she helped me get up to speed, learn how to treat my business like a business (instead of a hobby), and most importantly, helped me have major breakthroughs around what was really calling me in my business. Funny enough, I came to her wanting to start a videography business, but during our time together she helped me come to the realization that video was not what I was truly after in my career. The advice and support she gave me was priceless, and I am so grateful to have worked with a coach as patient and encouraging as her."


"I came to Nikki desperate for guidance and her expertise as I launched my group coaching program is just 6 short weeks! It was a BIG goal but Nikki actually made me believe that it was totally possible for me. From the beginning I was so drawn to her sweet personality and abundant knowledge about content strategy and business development. I had no idea that she would also end up helping me experience some major mindset shifts around my wealth consciousness and  visibility fears. Every coaching call with Nikki made me feel confident, empowered and clear about my direction and exactly what I needed to do to achieve my goals and overcome obstacles along the way. Not only did I get new clients, but I significantly grew my mailing list and got really visible in my community! I am absolutely thrilled with my decision to work with Nikki and would HIGHLY recommend her to any ladyboss who desires to grow their business. I am so grateful for Nikki and all that she's done for me and my business!" 


 "I just had the most ah-MAY-zing coaching session with THE Nikki Nash!

Before the session I was struggling with the belief that I was the most scatterbrained thing this side of the equator.

2 hours with Nikki and

BOOM, she's consolidated all my ideas into a structured business plan - I've got an actual business plan complete with an outline of my marketing activities for the next 12 months!

Next thing I know - POW - I've got a pricing strategy for my business and she's organized my services into packages to boot.

I've spent the past year trying to make sense of it all. I knew who I wanted to help, and (kind of) how I wanted to help them, but now I have an actual actionable step by step plan!

And yes, I know I'm gushing. If you were me, wouldn't you be? I can't wait for my next session!"