Exploratory Call With Nikki Nash

After you complete this application you will be redirected to Nikki's calendar to book an exploratory call.

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    This call is to discuss if working together is a right fit and in this process I will help you map out specific ideas that you can deploy in your business. 

    One of three outcomes are likely. 

    Outcome #1: You are so blown away our conversation, our energies mesh well together, and three minutes into the call you're already thinking "Nikki, I want to work with you, how do we do this?"

    Outcome #2: We're jiving and a really good fit and you may be thinking "I love your brilliant ideas, and I'm going to try to go off and do this by myself". Full disclosure in most cases I think this is a mistake and will probably give you a tiny bit of push back. Mainly because if you could do it alone, you probably would have done it already and may need coaching, a mentor, accountability, and/or a community to support you. And again - I won't be twisting your arm here. If you don't want to work together - no problem. 

    Outcome #3: Ten minutes into the call, you hate everything I'm saying and please feel free to tell me and we'll hop off the phone. No worries.

    Nikki's offerings: Nikki works with her clients to create leads, generate revenue, and position themselves as a go-to expert in their field. Coaching and consulting programs are four to five figure investments. If you're not familiar with her programs click here.

    Nikki works with clients who are ready to commit and invest in their business now. Those who make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly. As you think about working with Nikki and completing this application, please check in with your goals, desires, and your intuition. 

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    Nikki's programs start at a $5,000 investment level. You can learn more about Nikki's programs here: http://nikkinash.co/workwithme
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