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Maternity leave for entrepreneurs with Louiza Megan

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Shockingly, there’s not a lot of information out there on maternity leave for entrepreneurs. And that’s what this podcast episode is all about. Whether you have kids now, want kids in the future, or want more time for yourself or your loved ones – you need a business that can run without you. 

Currently, I do not have kids, but I often think about what it would be like to run my business if I had kids. And I think about what it would be like as an entrepreneur to go on maternity leave and come back. Now, why do I think about this? I built this business so I could have freedom and flexibility in my life. One of the reasons why I wanted that freedom and flexibility is so I would be available for my kids when I have them.

One of the things I admire most about my friend Louiza Megan is that she’s built a business that SHE runs. Her business does not run her! In fact, she’s been able to build a profitable six figure+ business taking at least a week off every month. (That’s right – I said every month). But guess what, it didn’t always look that way. In fact – Louiza worked a lot when she first built her six figure business. So much so, that her health declined. That was the wakeup call she needed!

After setting boundaries in her business, amazing things happened for Louiza Megan. For starters, her clients respected her more and they honored her boundaries because she shared clear expectations. She was also able to give them more because she was more refreshed and having more fun. In fact, when one of her clients became pregnant – she asked Louiza can help her plan for a maternity leave. This client not only took leave, but she came back to a business that was making more money without her.

Know that your business can run without you!

3 maternity leave lessons for entrepreneurs:

#1 You have to make a plan!

Taking time off and coming back to a business that’s thriving doesn’t just happen. You have to plan for it. But before you start the planning process, you first need to get clear on your vision for parental leave and commit to making it happen! Here are some questions to ask yourself as you start to picture your dream leave:

  • If nothing was in the way, what’s the most beautiful maternity leave I could imagine.
  • How can my business run even better?
  • What needs to happen so I make even more money while I’m gone?
  • How way can I use this maternity leave to step into a higher version of my business?
  • What will the future version of myself want?

#2 There are four phases of the maternity leave journey

Maternity leave is not just about the first few weeks or months after a new child comes into your life. As an entrepreneur, there are four phases of the experience that you’ll want to plan for. Take the time to envision what you’ll want each phase to look like.

  • 1: Pregnancy Time
  • 2: Maternity Leave
  • 3: Return Plan
  • 4: The New Normal
4 phases of maternity leave for entrepreneurs

#3 Make Your Plan By Working Backwards

You’ll need to have a plan in place for current and future clients. What does onboarding looks like? Who on the team is managing what? Who do you need to hire? To answer these questions and come up with a plan, you need to work backwards. Plan backwards from your new normal vision to today and start implementing the new normal systems and structures.

  • Get clear on your new normal
  • Ask what systems and structures you’ll need in place to make your new normal a reality
  • Start implementing them today
  • Create a plan for this new normal to work without you

Whether you’re making $100,000 in your business or $10,000 in your business, taking maternity leave is an option!

#WorkHardPlayHarder Ever wondered what is the best way to leave your business for a deserving maternity leave? Or even if you can take maternity leave as an entrepreneur? Join Nikki as she chats with Louiza Megan, a Maternity Leave Strategist for Entrepreneurs, to learn how entrepreneurial mothers have the option to take a Mat leave and still have a thriving business. Check out Louiza’s company Audacious Mothers at AudaciousMothers.com, where you can an intensive on how to reframe your current and future business so that you can take your stress-free Mat leave. Find out more about Louiza’s 9 Step Maternity Leave Training at maternityleaveformula.com.

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