Become an in-demand & well paid go to expert!

Join a community of expert-preneurs building their brand and scaling their business so they can impact more people, make more money, and live a life they’re MADLY in love with.


The World Needs Your Message!

Now more than ever, people are aware that there are areas of their life that are not working the way they’ve always dreamed. They are ready for change but are stuck.

The good news is, you have a solution.

Unfortunately, only a small group of people know your solution exists.

And as a result, not enough people are buying your offers for you to make the money and level of impact you desire.

The Genius Profit Society helps womxn expert-preneurs just like you:

Build A Highly Engaged Audience
Create & Sell Scalable Offers
Identify Their Standout Stories
Become A Go-To Industry Expert

Imagine having a consistent flow of customers, publishing books, speaking on stages, and so much more...

Marketing your brand online can be a combination of overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be!

Picture This Alternative, you…



GPS is an implementation focused membership program for entrepreneurs. As a member of this community, you’ll receive a new business building initiative to focus on that will help attract quality leads, sign more dream clients and customers, position yourself as a go to expert, and create a tribe of raving fans.

In this program, you’ll learn the exact frameworks I use to build my business. If you’re ready to get known and paid as an industry expert, this community is for you.

Group Coaching

Each month, you'll have access to Nikki via a live group call and community content! Feeling Stuck? Ask for a hot seat during a group coaching call.

Online Training

Get an exclusive podcast, expert training sessions, and a training repository to help you grow your business on and off line.


Join a community of high achievers in getting support implementing their marketing plan. Have a quick question? Just ask!

Features & Benefits



A proven process for growing your experts business!

I’ve helped thousands of womxn identify the problem they’re uniquely qualified to solve, build a profitable online business, and build an industry-recognizable personal brand.

My proprietary 3-staged process is designed to help you grow your online audience and platform, increase your profits, and build a personal brand as the go to industry expert.


Package Your Genius

in such a way that people want what you have to offer


Promote Your Genius

so you have a consistent flow of dream customers


Deliver Your Genius

so your customers continue to buy from you and refer you to others

Start implementing this game changing system today!

+ A Look inside

Say Goodbye To Rapid Strategy Switching!

The Genius Profit Society was designed to help you create, refine, and implement a plan that will grow your audience, attract quality leads, and create more dream clients for your business. Here is just some of what you’ll accomplish as a member:


Create Your 12-Month Marketing Game Plan! The key to a great marketing plan is consistency. In this module, you'll develop a simple marketing plan that you'll implement for more dream clients.


Design and Implement Your Content Strategy! To reach more people, you need to show up where they are and capture their attention. In this module, you'll do just that.


Not everyone is ready to buy at "hello". Learn how to build relationships with prospective clients and customers that ultimately lead to a sale.


Ready to expand your impact beyond your current network? Learn and implement strategies that will get your message in front of new dream client communities and their networks.


Want to have a strong referral network? To be speaking on stages? Appear as a guest on top podcasts? All this is possible when implement an expert positioning plan!


You can consistently see results in your business! This requires knowing what is working and what isn't working in your biz. That's why knowing what numbers to track and what your numbers are is so important.

GPS is packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of creating, validating, and implementing a marketing plan that brings you qualified leads, more dream clients, and a tribe of raving fans. It’s designed to help you stop spinning your wheels for the perfect market plan and start focusing on the one plan that gets you results. To get more dream clients, you don’t need 1,000 different strategies.

You just need one strategy that brings 1,000 leads over and over again. Create & validate a strategy that gets you more dream clients with the Genius Profit Society Curriculum! Each month you’ll focus on a new element of building and implementing a strategies that will increase your impact, build your credibility, and help you reach more people. Join the Genius Profit Society today to start implementing a proven process for growth.